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Baked By Melissa is a New York, NY based company that offers mini cupcakes that are delicious, yet help you avoid the "post-dessert guilt trip.”

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Cupcakes are supposed to be a miniature version of cake–a more reasonable and practical dessert. Yet as they moved from grade school birthday celebrations to being a culinary trend, they seemed to get bigger and more unhealthy–with some even pushing towards 1,000 calories. Tons of businesses popped up and seemed to offer more and more decadent cupcakes, and then the bubble burst. So how did one cupcake company continue to grow despite tons of competition and fading interest from consumers? By offering mini cupcakes that won’t instantly make your pants feel tighter. Baked By Melissa is a New York, NY based company that was started with “the idea that people should be able to taste more flavors without that post-dessert guilt trip.” Three cupcakes from Baked By Melissa add up to 140 calories. It’s still not health food, but it’s a reminder of what cupcakes were originally meant to be.

A Mini Opportunity

The story behind Baked By Melissa is pretty cool. Melissa gets fired from her advertising job and decides that she should open a cupcake shop since she likes to bake. It sounds like how a lot of failed businesses start, yet Melissa would soon have a multi-million dollar business on her hands. Great branding (there’s kind of a hippie vibe), a different approach to a saturated, but exploding market, and a little help from her family gave Melissa everything that she needed to succeed (you can read more in this Fast Company article). Melissa still bakes every day, so that’s pretty cool. If you’d like to help Melissa sell even more mini cupcakes, check out Baked By Melissa’s Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for a Customer Happiness Associate and an IT Associate. Additionally, there are a number of retail positions available.

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