Aspen Envionmental Group is currently hiring college graduates for entry-level positions in Agoura Hills, CA and Sacramento, CA.

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It’s safe to say that the environment is becoming a big political issue again. If the trend continues, a likely result will be increased government regulation. It’s important that our shared resources are protected, but government regulation often ends up creating intricacies and loopholes that increase the cost of doing business without accomplishing the desired beneficial outcome. It’s easy to say that companies should just suck it up and learn to stop putting the environment at risk, but that point of view fails to look at the whole picture. There are very few people in the world whose livelihoods don’t have an adverse impact on the environment, which means that more restriction can significantly decrease some people’s abilities to put food on the table (it can also significantly decrease a corporation’s ability to put billion dollar profits on the table). Businesses often have to jump through hoops to gain both government and community approval of environmentally sensitive projects, but they rarely retain staff with such specialties. Aspen Environmental Group is a company that provides the required expertise.

Are They Good Guys or Bad Guys?

When I was growing up, it seemed like all of the cartoons included some heinous villain whose sole mission in life was to dump toxic waste into the ocean and kill all the wildlife. It makes you wonder what the cartoonists’ agendas were, doesn’t it? Despite what some of you might think, these villains don’t exist. Nobody enjoys polluting, but a lot of people do it out of greed or ignorance. As the “premier integrated, interdisciplinary environmental compliance, planning, and engineering services provider for energy, natural resource, and infrastructure projects in the western United States,” Aspen Environmental Group helps companies (and the Federal Government!) do things the right way – the sustainable way. They may not be chaining themselves to trees and running down oil tankers in inflatable boats, but they are the good guys.

Working for Aspen

Aspen’s core competencies lie in two areas – first, they specialize in understanding the effects of human interaction with the environment; second, they are experts at navigating the processes of government regulation. With that in mind, they are always looking for bright individuals who have educational or experiential expertise in environmental engineering. Aspen has locations in San Francisco, Sacramento, Agoura Hills (the Los Angeles area), and Phoenix. They are currently hiring college graduates for entry-level positions in Agoura Hills and Sacramento.

Their Jobs page shows openings for an Environmental Planner/Scientist and an Environmental Engineer/Scientist (Air Quality) in Agoura Hills, and for a Vegetation Management Specialist, Energy and Infrastructure Planner/Analyst, and Energy Analyst in Sacramento. There are also positions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at both locations. The GIS positions require “two years direct experience with ArcInfo 9.x performing GIS analysis, database design, reports and cartography.” We have no idea what that means, so we’re not sure if it’s the type of experience that you could have acquired in college. The descriptions on all of the job listings are in-depth and specific, so you should have no trouble determining which of the positions is best for you to apply to (if you’re like us and don’t know what they’re talking about, you’re probably not going to get the job).

Aspen Environmental Group is also always looking for people with talents relevant to Land Use, Traffic and Transportation, Water Resources, Visual Resources, Air Quality, and Noise. If that’s you, feel free to send a resume and cover letter for an unlisted position. If you’re interested in working for Aspen in Sacramento, you can send your materials to To apply for a job in Agoura Hills, an unlisted position, or a job at either location, send your resume and cover letter to

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