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Another interesting thing about ALDI is that they hire their District Managers straight out of college, and they pay them exceedingly well ($70k per year well).

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Sweet 16! And if I’m going to find a way to get to the game, I’m going to need to start shopping at ALDI, because flights to Syracuse aren’t cheap. Luckily, the groceries at ALDI are. I’ve never stepped foot in an ALDI store, but I’ve heard plenty about them from friends and articles. They are unlike all other grocery stores. They almost never stock name brands—they have their own private labels. They don’t have shelves—they use pallets. They charge for reusable bags, and taking a shopping cart requires a 25 cent deposit. ALDI also doesn’t take credit cards, and they stock far fewer items than your typical supermarket. ALDI may not offer a luxurious shopping experience like Wegmans does, but they make up for it by offering insane value. If you’re pinching pennies, you have no excuse not to shop at ALDI. Even with their limited selection of products, they’ve found that most of their customers “can do as much as 90% of their weekly shopping at ALDI.”

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ALDI isn’t only different in the customer experience that they offer, they also run their business in a unique way. They’re a German company, and they have a huge presence in Europe. Their U.S. headquarters is in Batavia, IL, but that’s not where most of their entry level jobs are. That’s because another interesting thing about ALDI is the fact that they hire their District Managers straight out of college, and they pay them exceedingly well ($70k per year well). They offer these opportunities across a large portion of the country, and they’re growing at a rate of 100 stores per year. You can find all of the details on ALDI’s Careers site, and you should be sure to check out their employee profiles and the details of their training program (they wouldn’t throw a new grad into a management role without a ton of training). Another cool thing is that after 2 years as a District Manager, ALDI offers the opportunity to work abroad for another 2 years through their International Expatriate Program. It’s pretty obvious that ALDI’s cheap philosophy does not apply to how they treat talent. If you’re interested in working for them, you can find out all of the information on how to apply here.

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  1. Alex P. says:


    You’ve hit it right on the money with Aldi. I lived in Germany for 3 months and this was my favorite place to go shopping. The experience was always great, from the products to the staff. If they ever open up on the west coast, I’ll definitley consider applying for them.

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