ZURB is located in Campbell, CA, and they’re currently looking for a Web Developer and a Junior Designer/Ninja/Iconographer.

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If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re big fans of social media. Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, etc. The better a company’s recruiting social media profile, the more likely we are to take notice of their jobs and write about them. We first found out about ZURB through one of their employees’ tweets on Twitter. We were impressed to see that they’re also blogging, Youtubing, and StandoutJobbing. What’s Standout Jobs? It’s a company that’s bringing Corporate Careers sites into the Web 2.0 world. Here’s ZURB on Standout Jobs. Before you go diving into ZURB’s social media profiles, you’ll probably want to know what they’re all about. ZURB “helps companies design better web sites, services, and products online.” They do so by helping other companies with user interface (UI) design, product strategy, identity design, SEO and SEM, team building, visual design, and grassroots un-marketing.

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ZURB has worked with over 70 startups, and their client list includes eBay, Photobucket, and NYSE. They need top performers, because they’re helping these companies launch new products, some of which are the products that define the company. The success of many of today’s startups depends on the usability of their products, and ZURB is all about helping their clients make products that wow.

The tweet that told us about ZURB says, “Hey! We’re hiring. You should check us out, if you’ve got chops, of course.” We’re not sure if they’re looking for someone who has the chops or if they just want someone with some nice facial hair. Considering that their team appears to be chops free and such a policy would exclude most women (not all, I’ve seen it!), we’re going to guess that they mean that they want talented people. They do label their Jobs page “Talent.”

If you want to get a sense of how ZURB works, you should take a look at the extreme. They did a project called ZURBwired for Hunger, where they started and completed an entire marketing campaign for charity, from research to implementation, in a 24 hour caffeine induced blitz (Hey ZURB, the UI on this site is busted, at least in Safari, I know it’s old, but it looks bad.). This isn’t an every day occurrence, but it should give you a good idea of the processes that ZURB uses when they work. ZURB is located in Campbell, CA, and they’re currently looking for a Web Developer and a Junior Designer/Ninja/Iconographer. They’re a small company (only 8.5 people), but they are clearly ready to add to their ranks. If you are a new college grad who is looking for an entry-level job that is fun and exciting and you have an eye for design, you should definitely check out ZURB. Each of their job postings lists 17 Reasons to Work for Zurb, and the reasons are really good. You should check them out. The only tiny problem that we have with ZURB is that they claim to do SEO and SEM, but their site doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for “zurb jobs.” At least their presence on Standout Jobs does.

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  1. Willy, thanks for the nod. Over the last year we’ve adjusted our talent plan to really grow with our employees. We have a few things to clean up around the site and are aware of the SEO issues- never enough time (those pesky clients!).

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