Whether you enjoy eating salmon or catching them, a job at the Wild Salmon Center will offer the experience to work towards protecting something that you care about.

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2022 Idaho Corps Program - Roving Crew
Arlington, VA
Dishwasher (Spanish)
Ashburn, VA
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Food Service Worker
Sterling, VA
Vehicle Condition Assessor
Rockville, MD

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If you’ve been following us from the start, you know that the first non-profit organization whose jobs we featured was Save Our Wild Salmon. Today we’re going to look at jobs at the Wild Salmon Center, which has quite a few similarities to the aforementioned organization. I decided to do this for two reasons. First, I care deeply about wild salmon and like drawing attention to organizations that help them. Second, I’m leaving for a weeklong fishing trip today and it’s getting me in the mood for fishing (don’t worry, we’ll maintain our daily posting schedule). So let’s talk about how you can make a career out of protecting globally significant salmon ecosystems!

Why Salmon?

A lot of you might find it strange that fishermen are so concerned with protecting animals that they then impale on a hook. The truth is that few people other than fishermen have enough knowledge of salmon to fully appreciate them. The Wild Salmon Center is not a fishermen’s organization; however, you can be sure that fishermen are some of its most loyal supporters. Atlantic salmon stocks were once prolific, but are now barely holding on. The United States’ East coast used to have amazing runs of salmon as far south as the Connecticut River, but now there is not a single river in the country with a “good” run. Canadian stocks are in much better shape, but still a shadow of what they once were. Pacific salmon stock, on the other hand, are still thriving in comparison to their Atlantic brethren; although, that may not be the case for much longer. Wild salmon are important because they’re more beautiful, better tasting, more fun to catch, and native to our country. They are also key indicators of the health of our coastal watersheds – measures taken to protect salmon will have impacts on entire ecosystems. The Wild Salmon Center explains why they care about salmon in much greater detail here.

Working to Save Salmon

Whether you enjoy eating salmon or catching them, a job at the Wild Salmon Center will offer the experience to work towards protecting something that you care deeply about. The only active job listing on the Wild Salmon Center’s Jobs page is for a Development Associate. This isn’t a true entry-level position, but it may be a appropriate for a new grad who has had volunteer experience in fundraising. The Wild Salmon Center also has two new job listings on Idealist.org. They are looking for a Sustainable Fisheries and Markets Program Associate and a Conservation Finance Program Associate. The only experience that is required for these jobs is a familiarity with Russia – speaking Russian is a huge plus – and cross-cultural work. This is essential because so many of the most pristine remaining salmon rivers are located in Russia. All of the jobs at the Wild Salmon Center look fascinating (and that’s not just the fisherman in me saying so), and will offer wonderful opportunities for new college graduates who are conservation minded.

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