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Total Beauty Media Group is a Santa Monica, CA based company that aims to "inspire all consumers to live beautiful lives," and they're hiring.

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Beauty isn’t usually one of my top priorities, but I do know that I look better when I’m tan (which is why working outside in the sun yesterday was so awesome). That’s about the only beauty tip that I can offer, so if you want more, you’ll have to look somewhere else… like one of the sites run by Total Beauty Media Group. They’re a Santa Monica, CA based company that runs,,, and These four brands combine to help Total Beauty Media Group achieve their mission of inspiring “all consumers to live beautiful lives.” The company was founded in 2007 and it now gets 12 million unique visits a month across its network of sites.

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Beauty marketing is a great area for content businesses because advertising is so effective and valuable. If you really want to dig into how Total Beauty Media Group’s content model works, I highly recommend that you check out their Insights/Research page and their section for advertisers. The next step is obviously visiting each of their properties and getting a feel for the actually content. If you like what you see, then you’ll want to check out Total Beauty Media Group’s Jobs page (which is on Right now they’re looking for an Associate Online Editor, an Associate Online Beauty Editor, and a Front-End Developer. If you’re interested in beauty and online content businesses, then Total Beauty Media Group might be the perfect place for you.

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