We're celebrating Pi Day by taking a look at entry level jobs with The Mathematical Association of America.

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Sterling, VA
Poolesville, MD
Manager - Economic Consulting and Risk Modeling
Bethesda, MD
Associate Research Analyst - Data Science Division
Arlington, VA
Springfield, VA
Data Scientist (Predictive Modeler)
Merrifield, VA
Data Analyst
Reston, VA
Gaithersburg, MD
Histology Technician
Silver Spring, MD
Germantown, MD

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The Mathematical Association of America

If you’ve been reading One Day, One Job for a year or more, you probably remember that last year we did a holiday post for Pi Day (you should also get your butt in Found Your Career, because a year long job search is way too long and you need to put an end to it soon!). I’m a dork, and I love dorky holidays. That’s why I’m already counting down the seconds until 1:59:26 (ok, I didn’t stay up for it, I’m waiting for the PM version), when the date and time will represent 8 digits of pi. Since today is a weekend, I thought that it was my duty to bring you info on jobs with math related non-profits. Unfortunately, there are a lot fewer of those than one would think. We’ve already covered Math for America, and last year we took a look at Pi Media, so we’re stretching a bit by looking at job opportunities with The Mathematical Association of America. They’re located in Washington, DC, and they’re “the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level.”

Pi in the Sky Jobs

The MAA has 5 core interests:

Education: We support learning in the mathematical sciences by encouraging effective curriculum, teaching, and assessment at all levels.
Research: We support research, scholarship, and its exposition at all appropriate levels and venues, including research by undergraduates.
Professional Development: We provide resources and activities that foster scholarship, professional growth, and cooperation among teachers, other professionals, and students.
Public Policy: We influence institutional and public policy through advocacy for the importance, uses, and needs of the mathematical sciences.
Public Appreciation: We promote the general understanding and appreciation of mathematics. We encourage students of all ages, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to pursue activities and careers in the mathematical sciences.

It’s all about furthering the field of Mathematics, especially at the undergraduate level. Alright, so I admitted that it’s a bit of a stretch to talk about jobs at The Mathematical Association of America. They don’t have any job postings right now, but they do have a Jobs page. It includes a link to their Organizational Chart, which will show you what kinds of jobs they have. They also have a page on How to Apply, so if you’re serious about a job with the MAA, you should use the info supplied there to give cold calling a try. And if you’re just looking for jobs in Math, you should check out the MAA’s MathClassifieds.org.

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How are you celebrating Pi Day?

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