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The Home Depot is one company that stands to benefit from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, so you may want to consider a career with them.

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I’m hoping that all of you made it through Sandy safely and with minimal property damage. It appears to have been quite a storm, and it’s not even done yet. We’re easily looking at billions of dollars of damage, which means that recovery and rebuilding is going to dominate the coming weeks and months for many people and businesses. While this will be an especially difficult time for those who have been directly affected, it will also have a significant effect on businesses and, as a result, job seekers. I don’t have much to base this on, but I predict that it will be slow going for the next few weeks if you’re looking to get hired in any of the affected areas (NYC has already lost two full work days and will probably lose a few more). And then it will be Thanksgiving… and then Christmas (the naturally slow time of year). It’s going to be really tough, but out of destruction comes opportunity. Today’s post isn’t as much about The Home Depot, as about what the Atlanta, GA based company represents. For many people they will be the hub of the rebuilding process. The business is positioned to help people in both the best and worst times, and by doing so consistently they’ve grown into one of the biggest companies in the world.

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I don’t need to tell you much about The Home Depot, but if you want the whole story, I highly recommend their Wikipedia page and their Corporate Fact Sheets. Some of the key numbers are: 2,255 stores, 300,000+ employees, and $20.6 billion in revenue. They’re a massive company with a ton of jobs (not the kind that we typically cover here), and you can find everything that you need on their Careers Page. They do have a University Relations page that mentions “The Home Depot offers a host of paid internships, rotational programs for MBA students, entry-level corporate positions and department manager positions in our stores.” Unfortunately, the page doesn’t guide you to the entry-level corporate positions (but it does seem that they focus on hiring people in Information Technology, Merchandising, Supply Chain, and Finance). You basically have to search your way through hundreds of postings to find those jobs. That’s up to you today,

The Home Depot is just one example of a company that stands to benefit from Sandy. Take today to think through how Sandy will affect your job search. Where are there opportunities? What businesses will be most/least affected? How do you need to change your approach? If things really do slow down to a crawl, how can you best use your time? These are the kinds of questions that you should always be asking yourself–Sandy just makes them more relevant.

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