What caught our eye about SmugMug was their Jobs page. It’s pretty slick. SmugMug is currently looking for a Support Hero and a CSS Zen Master.

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Remember when sharing photos meant getting doubles or triples printed at the photo processor? In just 5 years, that practice has almost completely disappeared as we’ve seen services like Flickr and Facebook Photos eat up the market. Free services are great, but they’re much better for letting people view your pictures than they are for letting people actually download your pictures. There are a lot of people who are really serious about their photos, and these services often don’t cut it for them. SmugMug is a a startup that offers premium photo sharing services.

SmugMug in 30 Seconds

We came across this video of a 30 second elevator pitch by SmugMug CEO Doug Macaskill, and figured that there’s no better way to introduce you to SmugMug than to have you watch this video.

A startup with hundreds of thousands of paying customers? Yep.

Smug Jobs

What caught our eye about SmugMug was their Jobs page. It’s pretty slick. SmugMug is currently looking for a Support Hero (Customer Service) and a CSS Zen Master (Web Designer). The job descriptions are even better than the job titles, and the pictures that accompany the descriptions are even more awesome. The Support Hero description is accompanied by a woman in a bathrobe, because the job is location flexible and will allow you to work from anywhere in your jammies. The CSS Zen Master job also allows remote work, or you can work from the Mountainview, CA office. The CSS Job descriptions is accompanied by an image of CSS code that essentially describes the attributes of a perfect applicant. It’s a bit dorky, but for those of you who know CSS and would be perfect fits for the job, you’ll almost certainly appreciate it.

We’re not sure where to add this, but SmugMug has some interesting galleries with photos of their employees. Since photo sharing is what SmugMug is all about, you should definitely give these pics a look. It looks like the folks at SmugMug really believe that they’re superheroes. That’s a good attitude for people at a startup to have.

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Any SmugMug users out there? Tell us why you love their product.

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One response to “SmugMug”

  1. Why do I love Smugmug? I don’t know about their jobs, but I’m happy to tell you about my experiences, lol.

    I’ve been using Smugmug for a few years now as a semi-pro, and their service makes it so easy to upload and present event photos to my customers – no credit card hassles, Smugmug just mails me a check. And it’s also great for family and friends, for those gatherings I just set the pricing at $0.01 over my cost and then everyone can order whatever prints and photo gifts they want and I don’t have to mess with emailing images, printing, etc. Very handy.

    And the customer service is second to none, the very few times I’ve ever needed to contact them the issues were resolved within minutes. Just fantastic.

    Two big thumbs up for Smugmug!

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