Rent Marketer's Careers page shows 3 jobs, all of which require little or no work experience, Jr. Software Engineer, Java Programmer, and Account Specialist.

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Now, I usually write themed posts for holidays, but since today is only a holiday for me and those whom I force to celebrate (it’s my birthday), I don’t have a themed post. I will, however, be announcing a contest later today where we’ll be giving away an iPod touch in celebration of my birthday. We also have another great internship opportunity for you today. Last week, a woman named Stephanie Johnson from Rent Marketer e-mailed me and told me that she had “relied on One Day, One Internship (and Job) to get ideas about what a great internship looks like.” She wanted us to share the details internships with you, and since flattery works we featured Rent Marketer’s internships on One Day, One Internship today. While we were researching them, we noticed some great jobs listed on their Careers page, so we’re telling you about those here. Rent Marketer is in the business of helping property owners post their rentals to dozens of sites all at once. Repeatedly posting For Rent ads can be mind numbing (kind of like applying to a lot of entry level jobs), and they do it all for you in a simple and cost effective way.

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When you start researching Rent Marketer, one of the first things that you’ll see is that they were founded by ex-Googlers; in fact, most of the press that Rent Marketer gets is in reference to the founders’ former employer. Nobody wants to live in the past, but you have to like that Rent Marketer is using any attention that they can get to promote their product. Their rental advertising platform is about as simple as it gets – you give them the info, and they post it on rental sites for you. Since most college students and new grads are tenants and not landlords, you may be more interested in their rental search engine, RentBits.

Rent Marketer is headquartered in Englewood, CO and has apparently carried on with the Google workplace philosophy – they have a casual environment with massages and foosball. They also have some great jobs that look to be perfect for new college grads. Their Careers page shows 3 jobs, all of which require little or no prior work experience. These include Jr. Software Engineer, Java Programmer, and Account Specialist. The job descriptions are thorough and should give you a good sense of what kind of skills you should have if you’re going to apply. If you think that you’ll be a good fit for one of these jobs, send a cover letter and resume to with the job title in the subject line.

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