So what about working at Rackspace? It sounds pretty awesome. They have a laidback work culture, excellent benefits, and most importantly happy employees.

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You may not think of it this way, but every time that you visit a website, you’re downloading files from someone else’s computer (server). The server that One Day, One Job is hosted on is shared with quite a few different sites (including One Day, One Internship). Even though there are thousands of people coming to our sites every day, they’re only downloading text and images, so it barely puts a strain on our server. Facebook, on the other hand, has millions of people on their site who are doing hardware intensive things like uploading photos and searching huge databases. They need thousands of their own servers to handle all of the activity. Somewhere between the server needs of One Day, One Job and Facebook is a middle ground where many businesses find themselves. They have major server needs, but they don’t need to do it all by themselves. That’s where Rackspace comes in, they are an “IT hosting company that delivers enterprise-class web infrastructure and hosting services to businesses of all sizes.”

There’s Space for You at Rackspace

There are a lot of companies that do what Rackspace does, but very few who do it as well as they do. Hosting is an easy business when everything is going right, but it’s when things go wrong that they really get tested. That’s why uptime and support are two of the most important factors in deciding which hosting company to choose. Rackspace has a Fanatical Support Promise, which is exactly the kind of customer service philosophy that you should want to see in a company that you choose to work for.

So what about working at Rackspace? It sounds pretty awesome. They have a laidback work culture, excellent benefits, and most importantly happy employees. The whole site is impressive, as it does a fantastic job of telling the company’s story. Where it does fall short, though, is on the Student Careers page – it looks nice and has a lot of information, but you’ll notice that their slick looking Campus Recruiting Calendar is empty and their Student Job Listings page is blank. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs for you. If you actually go to their Job Listings and select “Entry” as job level, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Open positions at the entry level currently include Lead Generation Specialist, Business Development Associate, Datacenter Operations Technician, Mailtrust Lead Generation, and Quality Assurance Engineer (part-time). All of the jobs are located in San Antonio, TX except the Datacenter Operations Technician position, which is located in Herndon, VA. Rackspace does have an RSS feed of their job openings, so you can use that to see if they post any new jobs, and you can apply online if you’re excited about the positions that we just mentioned.

Rackspace does a really nice job with most of their Career site, but the job listings section is kind of disappointing. They just kind of stuffed their Applicant Tracking System inside of a really nice looking careers site. It’s like the opposite of putting lipstick on a pig. Still, Rackspace is a company that is worth a good long look – they’re #32 on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For and they also have a seemingly awesome training and development program called Rackspace U. Finally, if you’re in the San Antonio, TX area this coming weekend, you should check out Rackspace’s Career Fair for IT and Sales positions.

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