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PulsePoint is a company that uses technology to deliver better advertising for their clients, and they're hiring.

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Sr. Linux Administrator
New York, NY

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There are some things that computers are far better at than humans, like math. There are some things that humans are far better at than computers, like understanding nuance. Then there are a lot of things that fall somewhere in between, but we can be pretty certain that computers will do them better soon enough. One of these things is determining context. This is especially important in the world of advertising. Right now a human can do a much better job than a computer of determine which ads would fit best within the context of a website, but he or she will be much slower than a computer. PulsePoint is a New York, NY based company that is working to give the computer another win over humans with a technology platform that helps “marketers and publishers gain greater audience transparency and deeper engagement across digital channels at an unprecedented scale.”

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PulsePoint is a new company that is the product of a merger between two older companies. ContextWeb acquired/merged with Datran Media (a company we featured in the past) to form PulsePoint, which now offers “a spectrum of services, including data management and media mix optimization, content distribution, contextual ad exchange capabilities, RTB and crowd sourcing.” It’s hard to get a grasp of what all that means if you haven’t worked in the industry before, but the gist is that they are combining smart people with smart technology to make advertising more effective. You can see the technology side in their Contextualizer Demo. Put in any web address, and it will tell you what the page is about. I’m sure you’re not impressed–you can do that too. But can you do it 10,000 times in a minute? Didn’t think so. If you’re interested by what PulsePoint is doing, check out their Jobs page (I’ll warn you that they have one of the crappiest applicant tracking systems ever). Right now PulsePoint has a few jobs that may intrigue new or recent grads including Business Operations Analyst, Sales Planner, and Software Engineer. Check the jobs out and have fun slogging through their slow, hard to use ATS.

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