Whether you're a football player or a job seeker, getting a place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame isn't easy.

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Last year on this day, we featured the USA Football, a non-profit organization that promotes amateur football. Since then we’ve taken a look at some other Super Bowl related jobs like the those with the NFL’s teams and with World Vision (they administer the donation of Championship paraphernalia that was produced for teams that didn’t win a championship). If you want to work in or around the sport of football, it’s a good idea to use all of the hoopla surrounding today’s events to generate ideas for your job search. That’s why we’re going to look at the Pro Football Hall of Fame today. Despite their strong ties to the NFL, they’re actually a non-profit organization based in Canton, OH.. Their mission includes 4 parts, and it’s what you would expect:

To honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to professional football; To preserve professional football’s historic documents and artifacts; To educate the public regarding the origin, development and growth of professional football as an important part of American culture; and To promote the positive values of the sport.

If you love football, then finding a job at the Pro Football Hall of Fame would be pretty cool.

Your Place in the Hall of Fame

Whether you’re a football player or a job seeker, getting a place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame isn’t easy. In fact, it might be harder for job seekers, because there’s no clear path on how to get in. If you’re a football player, at least you know that if you meet certain statistical figures, you’ll have a pretty good shot. Unfortunately, the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t have a jobs page, and Google doesn’t turn up much info on how to land a job with them. They do have a Volunteer Opportunities page, which might provide a way to inquire about jobs, but there’s absolutely nothing on how to join their staff (there have to be some actual employees at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, right?). Since you have plenty of time before the game today, we’re looking at you to find some more information on how to land a job with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We know that there’s a way in, and even though they may or may not be hiring right now, we’d love to know what it is.

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What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

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