Positive Energy, an Arlington, VA based company, is working to “engage the 300 million Americans who are in the dark about their energy use," and they're hiring

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Consultant- Energy Sustainability and Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions -Campus 2024
Arlington, VA
Consultant - Technology - Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure Analytics
Washington, DC
Integration Manager (MASINT - Non conventional/Directed Energy Weapons)
Reston, VA
Project Manager, Energy Storage - REMOTE
Herndon, VA
Nuclear Energy Analyst
Washington, DC
Portfolio Energy Manager-Remote/Wash DC
Washington, DC
Nuclear Weapons SME / NNSA SME
Germantown, MD
Pharmacy Technicians
Bethesda, MD
Advanced NDT Integrity Pipeline Technician
Ashburn, VA
Electrical Engineer 100% Remote
Washington, DC

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How much energy do you use every day? I’m not talking about Calories, although I’d be surprised if you knew that, I’d be shocked if you could tell me how much energy you consume on a given day. You might know how much you spend (and that might be more important), but as energy becomes a bigger and bigger issue, you need to be an informed “consumer.” Everybody needs a little Positive Energy, right? Well Positive Energy is an Arlington, VA based company that is working to “engage the 300 million Americans who are in the dark about their energy use through a combination of cutting edge technology, analytic direct marketing, behavioral science and world-class design.” Sounds pretty cool to me.

Positive Energy for Your Job Search

Positive Energy is a relatively new company, but it looks like they’re already well on their way to offering products and solutions that are going to change the way that we think about energy. Their approach is different from other companies and organizations with similar goals because Positive Energy relies on four areas of expertise: Behavioral Science, Direct Marketing Analytics, Measurement and Verification, and Private Industry Engagement. This must be working for them, because they have quite a few job openings available on their Jobs page. Jobs that might interest new or recent college grads include Implementation Engineer, QA Engineer, Account Executive, and Business Analyst. The job descriptions are relatively in-depth and can be found at the bottom of Positive Energy’s Jobs page. To apply for any of these jobs, you can send a cover letter and resume to jobs@positiveenergyusa.com.

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What do you think of Positive Energy’s approach?

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2 responses to “Positive Energy”

  1. Raj Mehta says:

    I am really intrigued with their approach. As they say, if you measure and communicate it well, you can manage it. Otherwise not. They are applying this to the world of electric energy consumption. It can even be applied to water and natural gas consumption where it is metered at the point of consumption.

    What intrigues me are the following two questions:

    1) Their approach involves the utilities as their customer. How has that worked out? Is this the
    best approach?

    2) Which states in the US and which countries have embarked on Advanced Metering Infrastructure
    (AMI) or some other forms of smart metering? Without this, PE’s model would not work.

    However, that said, smart metering has to happen. There is too much information that is not being
    captured currently. It is not only about energy, but also about customer behavior. That leads me to another intrigue question of mine ;-)

    3) What kind of privacy issues arise? How are they being addressed? Would the end user really
    care about privacy of their energy usage?

    I’ll find out more a little later.


  2. Positive Energy is looking for really smart Computer Science graduates that want to join our development team. We specifically want to hire a Front-End Web Developer (CSS, HTML, Javascript) and a QA Engineer (open-source tools experience).

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