With chapters across the U.S., Nonprofit Finance Fund helps "nonprofits strengthen their financial health and improve their capacity to serve their communities."

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That dream of working on Wall Street right out of college isn’t looking too good, is it? First of all, most of top entry-level jobs in finance were filled last semester. Second, companies like Bear Stearns are being forced to rescind offers that they made to students just a few months ago. We’re not economic prognosticators, but we think that financially minded grads to be would be well suited to expand their horizons. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it: non-profit and government jobs are a great way to get experience in finance when market conditions are unfavorable. Nonprofit Finance Fund is a prime example of an organization where a new grad can build the foundation for a successful career in finance while he or she waits the market out.

Nonprofit Finance Fund helps “nonprofits strengthen their financial health and improve their capacity to serve their communities.” They do so by providing financial and advisory services as well as capital to their clients. The NFF story is actually pretty cool; they started in 1980 by providing non-profits organizations with the means to alleviate pressures from high energy costs. The NFF moved on to providing management consulting services, and then lending services. In the mid-90’s the NFF began focusing on helping organizations in the arts, and now the focus has shifted again, this time to helping non-profits meet their capital needs by offering a variety of financial products and services.

There’s an enormous amount of content on the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s website, so you’ll be able to do a lot more research on your own. Currently there is only one entry-level job opening, but it looks great. It’s not even listed on NFF’s Employment page yet, but we found it on Idealist.org, where it was listed just a few days ago. The position is as a Program Associate, and it’s directly geared towards entry-level applicants. The job is located in New Jersey and provides significant exposure to a non-profit environment with a focus on finance. The description is solid, so you should check it out.

Since this job was just posted, there’s a decent chance that NFF will be posting more entry-level jobs soon. They seem to post on Idealist.org before they post on their own site, so you should watch their Idealist profile. If you want to apply, send a cover letter and resume to Joyce Jonat at nff@cgcareers.org. Title the email “Program Associate” and make sure you send it before May 27th.

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