There are quite a few opportunities available at Memeo, and a few of them seem suitable for new or recent college grads.

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When I was growing up, I kept all of my most prized possessions in a small wooden box that my Dad gave me. I knew that if the house ever caught on fire, I’d grab that and run (because there was no way I’d be able to carry my entire baseball card collection). These days I still think the same way, but my laptop is definitely the first thing that I’d grab before running out of a burning building. Maybe I’m unique because I run an online business, but I think that you’d probably grab your laptop too. Our prized possessions are increasingly in the form of data—our pictures, our movies, our contacts, and many of the other things that can never be replaced. Memeo is an Aliso Viejo, CA based company that recognizes how important data is to our lives. They build products that simplify your digital life. They have backup software, syncing software, and file sharing software. Yes, there are plenty of software companies that make these kinds of products, but Memeo makes it simple and easy to manage your digital assets.

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The cool thing about Memeo is that they combine simple to use desktop software with the ability to put your files “in the cloud” (that means online). Although more and more applications like the ones that Memeo produces are moving to the web, it’s nice to have the robustness of a desktop application. Sometimes working through your web browser just isn’t ideal. If you like the sound of what Memeo is doing, you should check out their Jobs page. There are quite a few opportunities available, and a few of them seem suitable for new or recent college grads. They’re all posted on the Job Listings page, so look out for the following positions: Product Manager, Mobile Wireless Application Developer, PHP Developer, Mac Software Developer, and User Interface / Graphics / User Experience Designer. Most of these jobs wouldn’t be considered entry level, but you’ll be able to tell by the technical job descriptions whether you’ll be a good fit. To apply, send a cover letter and résumé to with the title of the position that you’re applying for in the subject line.

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