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Today we’re going to start with a mind boggling fact. Half of human deaths since the stone age can be attributed to malaria. Half. Starvation, war, cancer, AIDS, and natural disasters have nothing on a tiny little parasite. Chances are that you grew up in a place without malaria. You may have used insect repellent, but was to avoid having an annoying buzz in your ear and a few itchy bumps on your arms or legs. It wasn’t a life or death situation. Unfortunately, in much of the world—especially Africa—a little bug bite can lead to your ultimate demise. Malaria remains one of the biggest problems that the human species faces with 250 million annual cases and 850,000 annual deaths. This costs African nations $12 billion in lost productivity ever year, while consuming 40% of all hospital expenditures. Malaria No More is a New York City based non-profit organization that believes that fighting malaria is “the best humanitarian investment” that can be made right now. They’ve only been around since 2006, but they’ve already done some great work to curb the damage done by malaria.

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While many global health organizations have a singular focus like funding, advocacy, or implementation, Malaria No More takes an entrepreneurial approach and has its hands in all activities aimed at eradicating malaria. To better understand how Malaria No More works, you should first learn more about the disease that they’re fighting. Then you can take a look at their Approach and how it focuses on using business methods to make an impact. The three areas that Malaria No More focuses on specifically are Communications, Investments, and Resources Mobilization. If you’re intrigued by Malaria No More’s approach, then you should check out their Jobs page. Most of their positions require significant experience, but there are two positions that may be suitable for new or recent grads—Program Manager/Media Buyer for NightWatch and Part-Time Development/Fundraising Assistant. Check them out and see if you’re a god fit.

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