LECG's junior staff page outlines the types of opportunities that are available to recent college graduates, for instance a Research Analyst position.

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Analyst Intern Summer 2020
Manhattan Beach, CA

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Say you and your college roommate are having a disagreement over whether Uncle Jesse from Full House’s last name was Cochran or Katsopolis. 10 years ago, resolving such an important dispute would require either endless hours of watching Full House reruns or the consultation of an astutely knowledgeable third party – maybe your brother who has no job and watches tv on the couch all day. Today a quick Google or Wikipedia search can resolve the dispute (the answer is both – John Stamos asked that his character’s name be changed after the first season from Cochran to Katsopolis to represent his Greek heritage).

When businesses, legislatures, arbitration panels, and regulatory boards have important disputes like your hypothetical dispute above, they can’t just use Google to find the expert opinions and advice that they need. LECG is a firm that provides experts in a wide variety of fields. LECG’s experts provide independent expert testimony and analysis, original authoritative studies, and strategic consulting services to a list of clients that includes Fortune Global 500 corporations, major law firms, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies.

LECG’s junior staff page outlines the types of opportunities that are available to recent college graduates. From this page you can apply for a Research Analyst position at a number of LECG’s locations; however, it is not clear if there are actually open positions at the listed offices. There is a page with a list of current openings at LECG, which may be a more reliable indicator of what jobs are actually available. Currently open positions at LECG that appear to be appropriate for entry-level candidates include:

If you would value the opportunity to work with people at the top of their fields and to gain experience with clients from many sectors, LECG is definitely worth a look. You should have a strong educational background in a relevant field such as economics, natural resource economics, political economy, accounting, or business. Moreover, you should be well versed in statistical methods, because these jobs have a heavy quantitative and empirical focus.

Note: On April 21st we revisited entry-level jobs at LECG.

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