Juicy Couture offers a ton of retail positions, but they also happen to have some corporate positions suitable for new college grads.

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I don’t know when wearing sweats started counting as “dressing up,” but I’m pretty sure that it coincided with when Arleta, CA based Juicy Couture became popular. I guess if you’re going to pay a bunch of money for a tracksuit, you’ve got to show it off. Ok, so I can’t say that I love what Juicy Couture has done to popular fashion, but I have to respect it. They completely changed what it means to wear sweats, and they created a new market for high priced, super casual clothing. There’s obviously more to the Juicy brand than just tracksuits, but when I hear the name Juicy, that’s what I think of.

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I guess Juicy Couture’s slogan doesn’t pop in to my mind when I hear their name, because according to Wikipedia, they can’t settle on just one. Slogans that they’ve used include: “For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff”, “Eat Candy”, “Smells Like Couture”, “Be Juicy”, “Cupid Couture”, “Viva la Juicy”, “Juicy is Forever”, “Her Royal Juicyness”, “Wake Up And Smell the Couture”, “Go Couture Yourself”, “Cupcake Couture”, “Bundle Up, Wear Juicy”, “The Joy Only Bling Can Bring”, “Peace, Love, and Juicy”, “Let Them Eat Couture”, “Have a Juicy Day”, “Some Girls Have All the Juicy”, “Dude, Where’s My Couture?”, “Choose Juicy”, “Queen Couture”, “Prep It Up Juicy Couture”, “Couture is Here”, “Kiss My Couture”, “I just want Couture”, “Crimes of Couture” and “It’s Exhausting Being This Juicy”. I also can’t tell you much more about Juicy than the fact that they were founded in 1994 by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy to sell maternity pants because all their About page says is:

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Pacoima there were two nice girls who liked stuff Juicy Couture swept the land & they lived happily ever after

Since that’s the whole story, let’s get to the jobs. Juicy Couture offers a ton of retail positions, but they also happen to have some corporate positions. If you’re interested in retail, you can browse through Juicy’s Job postings; however, if you’re looking to put that shiny, new college education to use, there are some more options. These include Assistant Designer – Handbags and SLG (New York, NY), Assistant Designer – Intimates, Sleep and Yoga (New York, NY), Associate Technical Designer: Girls (Arleta, CA), Associate Technical Designer: Wovens (Arleta, CA), Assistant CAD Designer (Arleta, CA), and Jr. Merchandiser: Extra Juicy & Maternity (Arleta, CA). You can apply for all of these jobs online, so check out the job descriptions and see if they’re juicy enough for you.

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