San Francisco’s AirBnB hopes to be the eBay for space (think spare bedroom) and they're already profitable and looking to hire.

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Good startups create tools that people use. Great startups change the way people do things. Take eBay for example. Yes, people have always bought and sold junk, but eBay enabled people to buy and sell junk all across the world. By expanding the market for your junk, eBay made it worthwhile to sell stuff that would otherwise be collecting dust. San Francisco’s AirBnB hopes to be the eBay for space. Now, they’re not talking about outer space. They mean that spare bedroom that you never use. They want you to rent out your extra space, and they will help you find someone to rent it (read their FAQ for how it works). It could completely change the way that people on a budget travel… or it could be a total flop, but you have to love the idea.

Office Space Available in San Francisco

So far, rooms are available via AirBnB in 870 cities and 73 countries. That’s pretty impressive, although I’m still not sure about staying with someone I don’t know. What I am sure about is that if AirBnB offers you some office space in San Francisco, you should take it. About a month ago they posted on their blog that they were looking for a Really Smart Software Engineer to be Employee #1 (excluding the founders of course). It’s hard to say whether this job has been filled yet, but it’s still posted on AirBnB’s Jobs page. Considering the fact that AirBnb is already “pizza profitable,” even if the spot of Employee #1 is taken, I’m sure that AirBnB will be hiring again in the near future. You can apply for a job with them by reaching out to them at

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