It's impossible to have great customer service without happy employees. Recent grads would benefit greatly from working for jetBlue, based in Long Island City, NY.

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DOD Cleared Secret Watch Officer for Lockheed Martin
Bethesda, MD
Production Test Technician 1
Dulles, VA
$17-$28/hr Companies Like Southwest Airlines Now Hiring
Ashburn, VA
Dulles, VA
Aircraft Technician (aircraft & Powerplant Tech I)
Fairfax, VA
Handler (Non-DOT) Part-Time Am shift at Dulles airport. $ 14.20/hr
Sterling, VA
Airline Wheelchair Assistant
Arlington, VA
Information Review and Release Analyst EXPPT
Herndon, VA
Mid Aerospace Engineer
Reston, VA
15Q Air Traffic Control Operator
Gaithersburg, MD

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Well, we made it back home from vacation, but not without 3 hours of sitting on the runway due to Curacao’s random decision to close their airspace. Our pilot told us that we had to file a flight plan through Venezuelan airspace instead, and Venezuela’s being run by an unfriendly dictator didn’t make that the easiest – or fastest – process. By the time our new flight plan was filed, Curacao had lifted the flight ban and we finally went on our merry way. As painful as it was to be on the runway for 3 hours, jetBlue made it pretty bearable. They gave us drinks and snacks, although they did plead with us to take it easy, as they were running out and did not have catering services at this airport. Of course the request to back off the goodies created a run on the galley, but the flight attendants were still able to do a full snack and beverage service in-flight despite the excessive pre-flight demand. It was also nice to have the most legroom in coach and a little tv in the seatbacks in front of us. Another One Day, One Jobber flew a different airline out of the same airport at the same time and had a much more miserable experience – no food, no movies, and too much air conditioning with no blankets. jetBlue has been ranked by Conde Nast Traveler as America’s Best Domestic Airline for 6 straight years now, and their unparalleled devotion to customer service is the reason.

We think the best place to find an entry-level job is at a company that does something you can be passionate about. The company you choose to work for should offer a product or service that you love, work towards a goal you admire, or be at the forefront of a field that you find fascinating. It is impossible to perform excellent customer service without extremely happy employees. We love the flying experience that jetBlue offers, and that’s why we think they might be a great place to work after you graduate college. They even offer a Customer Bill of Rights that ensures fair treatment and compensation for bad service when it happens. No other airlines can pull off this kind of guarantee with their pissed off flight attendants and incompetent ticketing agents. We’re not sure which came first, great customer service or great places to work, but we do know that the two are consistently linked.

As for finding a job at jetBlue, you’re going to have to go through their search page, which is unfortunate. A search only interface is a pet peeve of ours. We prefer it when jobs are listed in an organized format that is accessible to job searchers and search engines like Google. The good thing about JetBlue’s search interface is that it lets you specify your search to only entry-level jobs. We also recommend looking at jobs at the Professional level (2 to 5 years experience) because some of these seem to be a better fit for top college grads. We wish there was a descriptive term in recruiting that differentiates between entry-level jobs requiring little education and those that require a college degree (if you can think of one, leave it in the comments and maybe we’ll start using it).

We are consistently impressed with the attitudes of jetBlue crewmembers (what they call all of their employees). With a focus on a strong service culture and excellent benefits (we can’t find information on flying benefits for crewmembers, but we’re sure they exist), it’s not a surprise that jetBlue is succeeding because of its people. Although the only information about on-campus recruiting by jetBlue that we were able to find is that they went to a career fair at Harvard in 2005 and have had some sort of training partnership with NYU, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking to hire new grads.

Note: On April 23rd we revisited entry-level jobs at jetBlue Airways.

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    I am hunting for info on working from home for your customer service department. Is this a myth? A list of other available jobs would also be appreciated.

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