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Invodo's Jobs page only shows one position right now, and it’s for an Enterprise Salesperson. The position seems perfectly suited to a new grad.

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Video is an amazing sales tool. It’s able to show you exactly what you’re buying and how it works. The only thing better is an in-person demonstration, and those are far too expensive for most products. Now that online video capabilities are pretty much ubiquitous, we’re seeing more and more companies adopt video as part of their sales process. More and more product pages have an embedded video along with all of the stuff you normally expect to find on an e-commerce site. Invodo is the company that is often behind these videos. They’re a three year old company based in Austin, TX, and they offer “a full-service eCommerce video solution that drives conversion for retailers, consideration for manufacturers, and satisfaction for consumers.” They work with more than 2,500 manufacturers and retailers including Sony, New Balance, Toys “R” Us, and plenty more major brands.

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If you want to take a look at the type of video that Invodo offers, all you have to do is check out their home page. It’s loaded with samples of work that they’ve done. Invodo offers a full solution for their clients. This includes content production, a platform for delivery, and a network for distribution. Surprisingly they don’t seem to have a video about themselves—you’d think that would be a key part of their sales process. They also don’t have a video about their Careers, but they’re a small company so that’s understandable. Their Jobs page only shows one position right now, and it’s for an Enterprise Salesperson. The position seems perfectly suited to a new grad, and it seems to be more Sales & Marketing than just Sales. To apply send your cover letter and résumé to

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4 responses to “Invodo”

  1. Jim says:

    Did you even look at the requirements for the Enterprise Salesperson? 8+ years of B2B sales experience? I doubt most recent grads have 8 total years of work experience, let alone B2B sales experience.

  2. Russ Somers says:

    Willy, thanks for the writeup! Sorry about the confusion on the Enterprise sales role – it initially linked to the wrong req. That said, we’ve had a lot of luck hiring new graduates into appropriate roles. Some of our best folks started with us here right after graduation, or started with us as interns and went to full-time after graduation. So thanks for helping spread the word!

  3. Jim says:

    Okay, that’s reasonable. Sorry for the negative tone on the last message. Keep up the good work!

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