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So, back when I first took note of Immaculate Baking Co., they had a Jobs page. Now they don't, but that doesn't mean that you're out of luck.

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This morning I decided to go through my old drafts to see if there were any companies that I intended to feature, but forgot about. I often find cool companies, but I’m not able to find enough information on job opportunities to get a post together. The oldest post in my Drafts folder had a few notes about Immaculate Baking Co., a company that I first learned about when I got a bag of their cookies on a jetBlue flight (see jetBlue’s jobs). According to Immaculate’s website, they’re based in Flat Rock, NC; however, LinkedIn tells me that most of their team is located in the Boston, MA area. The cool thing about Immaculate Baking Co. is that they really stand out from other packaged baked goods manufacturers. First of all, their cookies are actually delicious, and they’re made with high quality ingredients and none of the crap you find in most packaged foods. Second of all, they’re fanatical about their products, and it shows.

Are You Immaculate Enough?

So, back when I first took note of Immaculate Baking Co., they had a Jobs page. All it said was that they didn’t currently have any open positions, but it was a Jobs page. After checking back month after month in hopes of finding an opportunity to share with you all and then finding that the Jobs page no longer existed, I eventually gave up. This morning I went back, and didn’t find anything new, but I decided to use LinkedIn to do a little more research. I was able to find the profile of a 2009 graduate who spent six months as a Marketing Intern with Immaculate Baking Co. before turning it into a full-time position as a Marketing Associate last month. That may not be an indication that Immaculate Baking Co. is hiring right now, but at least we know that they hired at the entry level very recently. The team at Immaculate is quite small, but it appears to be growing. If you have a sweet tooth, then you should search out the right way to reach out to the folks at Immaculate Baking Co. and tell them why you’ll be a great addition to their team.

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