Right now that growth at Hesketh has led to the opening of a new position - Interaction Designer. It's perfect for a new college grad with a web background.

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As you may or may not know, every weekend we feature two non-profit organizations and their jobs. That means that in addition to looking at corporate websites all week, we also spend a considerable amount of time looking at non-profit sites. Since companies are usually trying to sell someone something, their websites tend to be both nice to look at and easy to navigate/use (with a big exception for many of the Careers sections of these corporate sites). With the non-profits there’s more variability – some sites are stunning and easy to use, while others could use a lot of work. Non-profits may not be selling a product or service, but they still need to sell themselves to donors, volunteers, job seekers, and even the people whom they’re aiming to serve. That means that design and usability isn’t something that they can ignore, and that’s why Hesketh, a user experience agency, “has developed practices and services that are specifically attuned to challenges faced by non-profits, higher education, member-based associations, and other organizations committed to socioeconomic development.” They serve corporate clients too, but Hesketh seems to be carving out a pretty cool niche for themselves (they’ve also literally carved out a new, old niche for themselves recently).

Be the Power of the Web

It’s funny how narrowing the market that you focus on can lead to immense business growth, but it works. As Hesketh’s offerings have become more focused over the past few years, they’ve experienced what seems to be some pretty solid growth. They attribute it to excellent customer service, and we believe them. Right now that growth has led to the opening of a new position – Interaction Designer. It’s only one job, but the description looks fantastic. You’ll need a background in web design, but other than that it looks to be solidly entry level. The job is based at Hesketh’s office in Raleigh, NC, so if that sounds like a place that you’d like to be and you’re excited at the prospect of working to improve the websites of non-profit clients (in addition to many other clients), then send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio to careers@hesketh.com.

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