Gainesville, FL based Grooveshark's current entry level job openings include Web Developer, Java Developer, and Database Engineer.

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When’s the last time you bought a music CD? For me it has to have been something like 5 years ago. Oddly enough, in the glory days of online file sharing when Napster and then AudioGalaxy were around, I was buying lots of CDs. Not anymore. Now that downloading songs is kind of risky (unless your Dad is a good defense lawyer), a lot of people have moved to listening to music through web apps. Some use YouTube. Others use Pandora or Then there’s Grooveshark. They’re a Gainesville, FL company that was started by University of Florida students, and they let you listen to music online for free. They still have some intellectual property issues to work out, and their business model could use some refining, but they’ve grown to 40 employees and their user bases is trending nicely upwards. If you want to be part of a startup that could change the way the music industry works, this might be the place.

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Grooveshark’s business model has already changed a few times, but right now they’re an ad supported free service with a premium subscription option to remove ads and get some other extra features. They’re apparently in negotiations with a number of major record labels to make sure things are on the up and up, so that might lead to some more changes. What Grooveshark does is pretty simple at the consumer level, but there are a ton of complexities that lie under the surface. If this sounds like the kind of place where you want to get your start, then check out Jobs at Grooveshark. Their current job openings include Web Developer, Java Developer, and Database Engineer. Right now they’re heavy on tech positions, but if you take a look at their team you’ll see what other kind of job opportunities might be available in the future at Grooveshark. You can apply through e-mail to, but be sure that you read the job descriptions closely first. They have very specific application requirements for each position.

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