Based in Washington, D.C., Gallup studies how people behave and leverages what they learn to help businesses be better at what they do.

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Photojournalist - Spectrum Networks - Washington, D.C.
Sterling, VA
Data Analyst
Fairfax, VA
Business Acct Exec 3, SMB Direct Sales
Manassas, VA
Platform Specialist
Mc Lean, VA
Chantilly, VA
Graphic Designer
Chantilly, VA
Assistant Marketing Coordinator - Entry Level
Silver Spring, MD
Character Artist
Reston, VA
Master Scheduler
Arlington, VA
Graphic Designer / Research Associate
Rockville, MD

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We don’t like politics. We’re already sick of this election. We don’t care who made a verbal gaffe yesterday. And we certainly don’t understand how double-digit leads in the polls can evaporate and reappear based on a few words here or a few words there. We just don’t care (don’t confuse that with not caring about the direction of our country), but a lot of people do care. They want constant information, not only about what’s happening, but also how the American people are reacting to breaking news. The media provides the news on the mud slinging, but someone has to keep the pulse of the nation. Much of that responsibility falls on pollsters like Gallup. You can be sure that you’ll be hearing that name a lot over the next 6 months.

9 out of 10 Pollsters Agree

Gallup is studies how people behave and leverages what they learn to help businesses be better at what they do. They’ve collected the best minds in management, economics, psychology, and sociology to help them provide customers with “measurement tools, coursework, and strategic advisory services.” Polling is an essential part of Gallup’s business and reputation, and this is most evident in the political arena; however, their business goes far beyond letting the world know how voters react when they find that their favorite candidate picks his or her nose. Whether at the world, national, local, and organizational, Gallup knows how to measure human sentiment and turn the results into action for their clients. This is the basis of the consulting services that they offer, which include Strengths-Based Development, Talent Management, Developing Great Managers, Workplace and Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement, Executive Performance Coaching, Sales Force Effectiveness, Performance Strategy, Performance Reward and Compensation, Succession Management, Performance Evaluation and Development, Brand Management, and Marketing Research

Measuring Employee Engagement at Home and Abroad

The thing that jumped out at us from Gallup’s core business was Employee Engagement. If a company is going to pride themselves on measuring how employees feel, they better be doing a great job of engaging their own employees. Gallup probably would have liked to cite themselves, but instead they had to go to the Vault to brag that they rank “#1 for corporate culture and work-life balance, and as #2 for overall quality of life” in a survey of consultants from top firms. Heck, Gallup probably would have given themselves their Great Workplace Award, if it wouldn’t look like a conflict of interest. Either way, Gallup is focused on treating their talent well, and that means that you should be looking at some really strong internships.

We Love Their Careers Site, But…

Gallup’s overall website and Careers site in particular are really nice. They look good, they’re easy to navigate, and are extremely informative (they’re even nice enough to be upfront and tell international students that they’re out of luck when it comes to sponsorship – most companies ignore the fact completely). They even have a well thought out Campus Recruiting page. The site is really approachable, and it’s easy to get a sense of the types of opportunities Gallup offers and what it’s like to work for them.

Unfortunately Gallup fails to segue from this elegant portrayal of information to their job listings. The only option is to use their Job search, which leaves job seekers confused about what opportunities to search for. Gallup says that they are working on a new campus recruiting site, which hopefully will address this problem. Otherwise, we think that they’ve done a great job of presenting themselves online, so we hope that they don’t change too much.

Survey Says That I Can’t Find a Job

How do you find entry-level jobs at Gallup? We’re not quite sure what the most reliable way is. There are 167 openings right now, and that’s too many for us to wade through and pick out which ones are entry-level. Your best bet is to focus your search terms on your areas of interest, with a concentration on Accounting, Administrative Services, Business Development/Sales, Information Technology, Data Production, and Document Services, because these are areas that Gallup identifies as having the most opportunities for undergraduates. It’s really too bad that they don’t identify their entry-level positions more easily, as it’s even pretty easy to find internships at Gallup. We do know that most opportunities at Gallup are located in Omaha or Lincoln, NE, so keep that in mind when you’re searching their jobs site. They do offer many opportunities for new college grads, you just have to find them.

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  1. Bob Smith says:

    stay as far away from Gallup as possible. There are a very dissorganized company and are laying people off by the minute.

  2. Dan Simmons says:

    Not sure why Bob is “dissing” Gallup or what “by the minute” means, but I’d highly recommend the company. Strong, transparent leadership; great place if you have kids (child care); doing well even in “this economy;” more!

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