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If you’re big on physical fitness, but you’re also seeking career fitness, then you’ll want to consider a job at Fitness Anywhere.

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As the beach volleyball season winds down, I’m starting to spend more time in the gym. Last Wednesday I did a leg workout that was heavy on box jumps, and today is the first day that I’m not feeling sore from it. That’s the sign of a good workout, but it’s also a sign that I need to spend even more time in the gym. I might even want to try some of the TRX Suspension Training products from San Francisco, CA based Fitness Anywhere. The company was founded in 2004 by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL who had developed some product ideas out of the necessity for training methods that could be used while on a mission without access to gym equipment—stuff you can do anywhere. As the company has evolved, they have grown to “deliver world-class training products and exercise programs for the serious athletes, fitness professionals, first responders and the US military.” You might recognize the names of some of the athletes who use Fitness Anywhere’s products—they include Drew Brees, Jamie Moyer (the dude is 47 and playing Major League Baseball), Carmelo Anthony, and Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser.

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Most of Fitness Anywhere’s product offerings are centered around the TRX Suspension Training brand. I imagine that it has been the key driver of Fitness Anywhere’s 2,297.2% three-year growth to $14.7 million in annual revenue and the #108 spot on the Inc. 500. Along with the suspension training system, Fitness Anywhere also offers a number of instructional DVDs to help people make the most of the equipment. To fully understand how the products work, you’ll have to check out the Fitness Anywhere site; however, the basic idea behind the TRX Suspension Training system is using leveraged body weight exercises to build strength. If you’re big on physical fitness, but you’re also seeking career fitness, then you’ll want to consider careers at Fitness Anywhere. They’re both a San Francisco Business Times Best Place to Work in the Bay Area and an Outside Magazine Best Place to Work, and they have potential entry level opportunities that include Web Developer, Associate Video Editor, TRX Training Center – Fitness Instructor, and a number of Field Marketing Representative positions in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. Take a look, and see if your résumé is strong enough.

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