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If you want to save whales, protect ships, and work on really cool technology, check out Farsounder’s Jobs page.

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I’m sure that you’ve all heard of sonar, but how many of you have actually used it? My first real experience with sonar was in college when I was part of a research team trying to find the Finger Lakes equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I was actually fishing on a friend’s boat, and he taught me how to use a sonar unit to catch Lake Trout. It’s pretty cool—you can actually watch your jig drop down to the bottom of the lake, and you can watch on the screen as little blobs of pixels occasionally chase it—these are fish. It’s half video game, half real life fishing. Obviously, there are far more serious and important uses of sonar, and that’s what Farsounder is all about. They’re a company based in Warwick, RI that “is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of 3D sonar systems for a variety of applications in the commercial, recreational, defense and homeland security markets, internationally as well as domestically.” Two-dimensions is great when you’re fishing, but if you’re navigating a large, expensive ship around underwater obstacles, three-dimensions is the way to go.

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Farsounder has two key product lines: Navigation Sonars and Diver Detection Systems. Navigation Sonars are pretty self-explanatory—they help you see where you’re going from an underwater perspective. Diver Detection Systems are a bit different. They exist to detect threats while the ship is at anchor. Farsounder offers solutions that combine the two technologies, so ship crews can know what’s going on beneath the surface at all times. If you’re still not quite getting what Farsounder is all about (or you’re digging them and want to keep learning more), check out this PDF from NOAA on how Farsounder technology is used to protect whales from ship collisions—the leading cause of death of the northern right whale. If you want to save whales, protect ships, and work on really cool technology, check out Farsounder’s Jobs page. Right now they’re hiring Software Engineers, so check out the job description and see if it’s something that interests you.

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