It has to be a lot of fun to work on a product as cool as Evernote. That's why we're taking a look at the entry-level opportunities that they offer.

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I used to be that kid who would come home from college, see someone who was in my 3rd grade class, and want to say hi. “Hey, I’m Willy Franzen, you sat next to me in Mrs. Phoenix’s class while we learning about multiplication. Do you remember me?” Questions like that would typically be returned with a blank stare. At some point I realized that just because I could remember almost anything, I didn’t have to make a fool of myself like that. Now that I’ve started a business and I’m constantly thinking of new ideas to help you all find great entry-level jobs, my brain has turned into swiss cheese. I have an almost constant feeling that I’m forgetting something. I can still remember my 3rd grade classmates, but those new ideas of how to double One Day, One Job’s daily readership with 5 minutes of work seem to escape me quite quickly. I need a 2nd memory, and Evernote is a web based service/application that can provide me with one.

There’s A Reason Their Logo Includes an Elephant

I haven’t had a chance to try Evernote yet, but their demo video is fantastic. The reviews have been glowing. You can select text, clip a web page, or take a picture and have Evernote remember it for you. The coolest thing is their handwriting/text recognition software. Next time you meet someone who wants to give you a business card, ask her to hold up the card and take a picture of her with your cell phone camera. Upload it to Evernote. A couple weeks later you can search for her name and you’ll find the picture with all of her contact information. Can’t remember her name, but know the company she works for? Even if the company name is part of a logo on the card, Evernote should be able to find it for you. Are you not fully grasping this? Just watch the video below (E-mail and RSS readers need to click through to see the video). You’ll be impressed.

Cool, huh? I bet this would be an awesome job search tool. Try it and report back to us. If you write an article on how you actually used Evernote to find a job, we’ll publish it.

Evernote is Hiring

We haven’t found much information on what it’s like to work for Evernote, other than a lot of caffeine was required to get them through their launch. Still, it has to be a lot of fun to work on a product as cool as Evernote. They have two jobs listed that are prime for new college grads – User Experience Designer and HTML/CSS Designer. There’s also a Marketing Manager position that doesn’t seem to be entry-level, although they say “relevant experience in marketing and community building preferred.” Preferred is not required, so the door is open, if only cracked, for you eager youngsters who think you can do the job. Finally, there are 3 Senior Software Engineer positions (Windows, Macintosh, and Java). These probably aren’t the best fits for new college grads (notice the word “Senior”), but if you’ve been coding since you were 12, it might be worth a shot. It’s hard to believe that a software based startup would turn down someone with fantastic software development skills. To apply for any of these jobs at Evernote’s office in Sunnyvale, CA send a resume and cover letter to

There’s something else I wanted to say, and I just forgot it. When will Evernote add an API that can access my brain?

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