Located in San Francisco, CA, Elgato Systems makes products that allow you to watch television on your Mac.

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Today’s post is probably a shot in the dark, but we love the company’s products, and it’s still MacWorld Expo week, so we’re going to write about them anyways. What Elgato Systems does is simple – they make products that allow you to watch television on your Mac. Their hardware devices are plug and play and their software is absolutely killer. It’s also a DVR, so you can record your shows, export them to your iPod and watch them wherever you want. You can even record Jeopardy!, export it, send it to a friend, and play over the phone – not that we’ve ever done that.

If their products are any indication, Elgato should be an excellent place to work. Robots can’t do everything for them, so they must occasionally have the need to hire an engineer, software developer, or marketing person. Maybe they even hire new college grads. Neither their website nor Google has any mention of jobs at Elgato. In fact, the only reference you’ll find on their site is to Steve Jobs. So, if you’re wild about El Gato’s products and would love to help make them, market them, or sell them, e-mail Elgato through their contact form and see what kind of response you get. We’re not even sure which addressee you should select from the drop-down menu.

Note: On April 23rd we revisited entry-level jobs at Elgato Systems.

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And by the way, their products are pretty heavily discounted for today only because of MacWorld Expo. If you have no interest in jobs at Elgato, but want to watch TV on your Mac, check out their EyeTV products.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    read online feedback and see if it looks like a good place to work at. too_much_koolaid.

  2. Hey Jimmy,

    We’re not quite sure what you’re trying to say, but we couldn’t find any online feedback about working for El Gato. Care to share any links?

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