Based in Boston, MA, Eduventures helps clients look beyond their own ivory tower and get a feel for how they can improve, and you can help them do that

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When I came across Eduventures during my daily search for exciting employers to tell you about, I knew that I had heard of them before. It took me a second to figure out where, but a search through past e-mails showed me that someone I knew who used to work in Career Services at a major university had moved on to a new position with Eduventures, which is located in Boston, MA. That makes perfect sense because Eduventures is “the industry leader in research and consulting for higher education institutions.” People who are familiar with the inner workings of different university functions are essential to Eduventures’ being able to do their job. And what is that exactly? They help higher education institutions develop and adopt best practices through membership research programs and consulting services.

Getting a Job Doesn’t Mean Leaving Higher Ed

As you have probably experienced, most colleges and universities have a proprietary way to do everything. There’s a tendency to develop a new solution instead of looking outside to see what others are doing. Eduventures helps their clients (all 300+ of them) take a look outside of their own ivory tower and get a feel for how they can improve in the areas of Academic Leadership, Continuing and Professional Education, Development, Enrollment Management, Online Higher Education, and Schools of Education. If you love the world of higher education or you get frustrated by it and want to make it better, a job with Eduventures might be worth considering. If you head over to their Careers page you can check out testimonials from employees and see what it’s like working at Eduventures. Obviously, you can also check out their job opportunities. They don’t make it explicit how much experience is needed for the jobs that they have posted, but it seems possible that recent grads with the right background and experience could be a good fit for their Sales Executive, Research Analyst, and Contract Business Research Consultant positions. The application method varies by positions, so be sure to check out the specific job descriptions for all of the details.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Eduventures is a fantastic company to work for as a recent college graduate. I was hired as a full time employee after being an intern with the company the previous fall. Anyone who is interested in the intersection between higher education and business should definitely check out the recent job openings.

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