Tourism plays a huge role in the DC's economy, and Tourism DC is doing it's best to spread that wealth around the city. They need help, so they're hiring.

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Being a tourist is fun, even if it makes you feel a little stupid. The only problem with doing touristy things is that you miss out on a lot of what a city has to offer. Major attractions have the resources, reputation, and connections to bring in lots of people, but they often lack the local feel that tourists often seek. Smaller attractions often struggle to get people in the door, despite the fact that they are many times more interesting than their larger counterparts. Cultural Tourism DC is a non-profit organization that is trying to change that in Washington, DC. They aim to “strengthen the image and economy of Washington, DC, neighborhood by neighborhood, by linking more than 200 DC cultural and neighborhood organizations with partners in tourism, hospitality, government, and business.” It’s a perfect idea for a city that is so packed with history and culture that you could probably do the tourist thing every day for a year without running out of things to do.

Are You a Cultural Tourist?

Tourism plays a huge role in the Washington, DC’s economy, and Tourism DC is doing it’s best to spread that wealth around the city. By helping the less visited tourist attractions and neighborhoods make the connections and partnerships that they need to bring more people in, Cultural Tourism DC is improving the city and bringing tourists to places that they never would have visited before. While some tourists would prefer that cool, cultural places stay “off the map,” they have to realize that “off the map” attractions often disappear because they can’t afford to stay open or be maintained. If you’d like to help people truly experience Washington, DC, then you’ll want to check out jobs at Cultural Tourism DC. Right now they only have one position—Media and Publications: Communications Associate. It looks like a cool opportunity, and you can apply by sending a “résumé and cover letter with salary requirements and two writing samples (one press release and one other) via email to with ‘Communications’ in subject line.”

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