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Collective has quite a few positions posted that seem suitable for new grads including Ad Ops Associate, Sales Planner, and Account Coordinator.

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You know what One Day, One Job is all about? It’s you, the audience. Maybe for you, it’s all about learning about cool companies, but for me it’s the fact that every day you bring these posts to life by researching the companies we feature and applying for their jobs. I love it when I get e-mails from employers telling me how excited they were about the surge of talented applicants that they got from being featured on One Day, One Job. When it comes to the world of advertising, it’s kind of the same. It’s all about the audience. They’re the ones who see the ads, and then hopefully take the desired action—usually that means making a purchase. Collective is a New York City based media company that is entirely audience focused. They are “the leader in understanding and delivering audiences. With the premium inventory that attracts them. The innovative technology that delivers them. And the insights that define them.” By finding the “intersection of the right ad, targeted to the right person, in the right environment,” Collective is able to maximize the effectiveness of any advertising campaign.

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What Collective does isn’t easy. It requires a ton of data and some extraordinary technology to translate that data into actionable advertising strategies. Collective works with ad agencies, brand advertisers, and publishers to help all of them make the most of audiences, which is why Collective calls itself “The Audience Engine.” If you want to get a feel for what Collective actually does, you should take a look at their What Worked This Week page. It allows you to see what kind of ad campaigns they’ve been running and how well it has worked. Pretty cool for them to be so open with their success stories (although I’d love to see some of their failures too). You kind of have to dig in to really understand what Collective is all about, so I guess their messaging could be a little tighter, but it’s hard when you’re taking such a technical approach to an area like advertising. If you like what you see with Collective, you can check out their Jobs page. Right now they have quite a few positions posted, and a few seem suitable for new or recent grads including Ad Ops Associate (New York City or Los Angeles), Account Coordinator (Los Angeles),
Sales Planner – Collective Direct & Inside Sales (New York City), and Sales Planner (New York City). You can apply online for any of the positions.

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