The Carnegie Corporation currently has three job openings. One is definitely entry-level, and another could probably be seen as such for the right person.

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Although giving away money isn’t usually the first thing on people’s lists of things to do if they ever get rich, people who actually are rich seem to enjoy donating what they have. Since you’re reading a site about entry-level jobs, we’re going to guess that you don’t have vast financial resources to donate to charity. Still, it would be fun to give someone else’s money, now wouldn’t it? That’s what the Carnegie Corporation of New York does. The corporation was founded my Andrew Carnegie, himself, in 1911 with a $135 million. Since then the goal has been to put the money to use in ways that “promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding” for perpetuity. What is perpetuity? It’s forever. For many new college grads, making money last forever means until the next paycheck. At the Carnegie Corporation, they really mean forever. Their endowment was worth approximately $3.0 billion last year, and with a giving rate of “5.5 percent of the average market value of the endowment during the prior 12 quarters,” it’s not getting any smaller.

Free Money?

Yes! For philanthropic organizations that do extraordinary things in the areas of promoting international peace and advancing education. No, you can’t start some fake non-profit and start getting money. You can, however, work for the Carnegie Corporation and eventually help lead the direction in which Andrew Carnegie’s fortune is spent. Here’s the list of the most recent grants given by the Carnegie Corporation and here are all of the lists. The entire Carnegie Corporation website is extremely interesting and filled with information about the organization. If you find the amount of information a bit overwhelming, you can also look at Carnegie for Kids which really simplifies things. Don’t be ashamed about reading the version for kids, it’s actually really good.

Working for Carnegie

The Carnegie Corporation currently has three job openings. One is definitely entry-level, and another could probably be seen as such for the right person. They are looking for an Investment Information Coordinator and an Administrative/Research Assistant for their Scholars Program. The Investment Information Coordinator position is perfect for a new college grad who is looking for a non-profit job with a focus on philanthropy and endowments. The compensation for the job also appears to be excellent, especially for a non-profit job. You can apply for either position by sending a cover letter, résumé, at least two professional references by May 30, 2008 to:

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