campusCATALYST is an amazing opportunity for current college students with an interest in non-profits and consulting, but they’re also hiring grads.

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m on the board of advisors for a startup non-profit called National Coaching Fellows. During my time on the board, I’ve learned how challenging the non-profit world can be. Luckily, NCF has had the support of a “student-driven consulting corps for non-profits” to get through some of its growing pains. That consulting group is Chicago’s campusCATALYST, an organization that “seeks to direct the innovation, ingenuity, and problem solving skills of America’s future leaders towards community development by cultivating a rich academic and social entrepreneurship experience for college students and tangible solutions for nonprofits.” In other words, they take students from the University of Chicago and Northwestern and put them on consulting teams that help non-profits achieve their missions.

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Although I haven’t interacted directly with campusCATALYST, I have heard nothing but good things about them. They’ve certainly helped National Coaching Fellows, and they’ve also had a significant impact on other local non-profits. campusCATALYST is only starting its second year, but the level of quality that they appear to have built into their program already is outstanding. They’ve created an amazing opportunity for current college students who have an interest in non-profit work and consulting, but they’re also growing into something more. That’s why they’re hiring. Right now they have a Program Director position posted on Idealist. It’s not necessarily an entry level job, but considering the fact that campusCATALYST was started by an ’07 Northwester graduate named Molly Day, I doubt that your graduation year will be their main concern. The job looks awesome, and you can apply by sending a cover letter and résumé to

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