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Boston Debate League is a Boston, MA based non-profit organization that is “transforming school culture through debate.”

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My parents will tell you that I’ve always liked to argue. That’s why I joined the Debate Club in high school. The club only put on one debate (and I can’t remember the topic), but I definitely participated. I always love competing in anything, and I think it’s silly that most schools endlessly promote competition in sports but shy away from any formalized academic competition. Things like Debate Clubs are great for kids, and that’s why the Boston Debate League was started. It’s a non-profit organization that is “transforming school culture through debate.” They’ve only been around since 2005, but the organization has already expanded to the point where they expect to serve 800 debaters this school year.

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A lot of after school programs exist solely to keep kids occupied and out of trouble. Boston Debate League has a higher standard–they provide “an engaging, educational opportunity that actively cultivates social and academic skills.” And it’s not just for the kids you’d expect to join a debate club. By presenting “debate in a variety of ways,” Boston Debate League is able “to reach a broad spectrum of students, from those already highly achieving to those who are off-track academically and at risk of dropping out.” In addition to the after school programs, BDL also does this with citywide tournaments, summer programs, coach training, and even professional development for teachers. If you’d like to get involved with a non-profit that is doing everything it can to get Boston youth involved in debate, take a look at BDL’s jobs on Idealist. Right now they’re looking for an Administrative Associate and a Development Associate.

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