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Advanced Telemetry Systems is an Isanti, MN based company that provides "researchers and managers in ecology and biology with animal tracking and monitoring products."

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This morning I got to do something pretty cool. A friend who is doing research on trout in the Au Sable River invited me to go electrofishing with him. What does that mean? We put electrified probes in the water, stun fish, and then net them. What’s the point? To surgically implant telemetry devices that allow the fish to be tracked so that my friend can write a thesis on their behavior. All of the tracking gear that he uses is produced by Advanced Telemetry Systems. They are an Isanti, MN based company that aims “to provide researchers and managers in ecology and biology with animal tracking and monitoring products of the highest quality and reliability.”

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Telemetry may not be as impressive at once was considering that we now all walk around with devices with embedded GPS chips, but it’s still extremely useful in a lot of settings. Some of the main uses are for tracking fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, and marine mammals. There’s another group up here in Michigan that is doing the same exact thing for rattlesnakes as we were doing for fish (yes there are rattlesnakes in Michigan). If you think telemetry is really interesting, you can read a book on it called Animal Tracking Signals. It’s written by ATS’ former president’s wife, and you can get a copy by e-mailing After reading up on telemetry a bit more, you may want to check out the ATS Careers page. Right now they have an open position for a Design Engineer.

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