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4moms is a Pittsburgh, PA based company “dedicated to finding innovative solutions that make parenting tasks easier and more enjoyable for families."

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Over the weekend I wrote about how important parental involvement is for our education system. I might have been wrong. Today I learned that parents are completely replaceable–and by robots nonetheless. When I first came across 4moms, I thought it might be a later April Fool’s joke, but they’re a totally for real Pittsburgh, PA based company that is “dedicated to finding innovative solutions that make parenting tasks easier and more enjoyable for families all over the globe.” That’s a nice way of saying that they’re building a future in which parents are obsolete. Ok, I’ve completely overplayed the robots thing, but it’s really cool to see how 4moms has used to technology to overcome some of the more frustrating parts of parenting young children.

Meet the Robots

4moms got its name from the focus group of moms who first helped them better understand the problems that they were setting out to solve. That research is currently embodied in four products: Origami (a stroller), mamaRoo (a baby bouncer thing), breeze (a playard), and an infant tub. When you look at these products, you can instantly see how they solve real problems in ways that are just better than the status quo. If you’d like to help 4moms continue to make parenting easier, take a look at their Jobs page. Right now they’re hiring a Mechanical Engineer, a Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Coordinator, and a Software Engineer. The Mechanical Engineer position is the only truly entry level job, but the others are worth looking at too.

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