Vineyard Vines is based in Stamford, CT and they make great clothes for people who like to have fun.

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Where do you summer? If you’re not familiar with the use of the word summer as a verb, then you probably aren’t familiar with Vineyard Vines either. They’re a company that is all about living the good life – going on vacation to preppy paradises like Martha’s Vineyard.

Tie One On

Vineyard Vines started with two brothers selling ties out of their backpacks in bars, on boats, and on the beach. Before they knew it, Vineyard Vines ties were adopted as an essential part of the prepster dress code. What they do is pretty simple. They make great clothes for people who like to have fun – they are their own target market. Vineyard Vines even has a College Collection, so check to see if your alma mater has been included.

Summering All Year

We’ve been watching Vineyard Vines’ Jobs page for months, hoping that they’d post something for the new grads. Judging from their website and their employee photos, we think that Vineyard Vines looks like a really fun place for young people to work. For some reason, though, they seem to be light on the entry-level opportunities. The only openings that they currently have are for Graphic Artists. They say that their ideal candidates have some experience in a similar role, but we think a new grad with a killer portfolio probably has a pretty good shot. As long as you have great design skills and a solid understanding of the Vineyard Vines brand, you should at least get an interview.

We also think that sending a resume and a cover letter to Vineyard Vines for an unlisted position might be worth a try. They make clothes and they sell clothes, so think about ways that you could be valuable to them. You can apply to

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