TokBox is a San Francisco based startup that is using the common platform of the web browser to enable video chatting, and they happen to be hiring.

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iOS Developer - RURU
Farmington Hills, MI
Android Developer - RURU
Farmington Hills, MI
Cloud Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Staff Software Engineer
Goleta, CA

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Remember The Jetsons? They were my first indication of what the future would look like – flying cars and video phones were my favorites. Apparently we aren’t much closer to flying cars, but video phones are here – sort of. We’ve had the technology for quite a while, and many of you have probably used video chat at some point, but it hasn’t caught on quite like the creators of The Jetsons thought it would. I’m sure that you can come up with a number of reasons why, but I think the big thing holding us back from more video communications is the lack of a common platform. If I want to call someone, I can pretty safely assume that they have a phone that I can call. If I want to video chat with someone, I need to make sure that they not only have the right hardware but also that they have software that is compatible with mine. TokBox is a San Francisco based startup that is using the common platform of the web browser to enable video chatting. When you want to video chat, you just go to TokBox and they’ll give you a link. You send that link to a friend, they click it, and assuming that both of you have webcams and fast enough connections, you’ll be video chatting in no time.

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I first came across TokBox when I got an e-mail from a PR firm about their internships program. Yes, that’s right. They hired a PR firm to promote their internship program. That’s a big sign that they value their talent, but it’s obviously about more than their internships. They’re using their web based video chat platform to accept internship applications, which means that all the people who don’t get the internship are going to give the TokBox product a test drive. They’re not doing the same for their jobs, but TokBox’s Jobs page does show a number of opportunities that I think my interest you (especially if you have a background in Software Development). Right now they’re looking for a Software Engineer – Rich Internet Application (Flex), Software Engineer – Web Services and Application Infrastructure, and a QA Tester. They do want people with significant Software Development experience for these jobs, but I’m sure there are quite a few new grads who will fit the bill. You can apply by sending a cover letter and resume to And if you have any questions, you can use the links on TokBox’s Team page to video chat with their employees instantly. How cool is that?

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