Now that half of their development team has left, there are probably more jobs than the Cocoa Developer and Architect/Senior Engineer positions at Tapulous.

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It’s another holiday for Apple fans today with a 10 AM PDT “special event” that is supposedly going to bring us new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Since we’re always excited about Apple product launches, we thought we’d stick with the theme of the day and feature a company whose existence is completely dependent on Apple. Ok, so maybe Tapulous has nothing to do with today’s notebook announcement, but they make some pretty cool iPhone and iPod Touch apps. My favorites are Twinkle (a Twitter client) and Tap Tap Revenge (essentially Guitar Hero for the iPhone). There’s a lot of money to be made in the iPhone app market, and it’s a great place to put your software development skills to work if you’ve just graduated. If you’re not familiar with Tapulous’ apps, then you should enter our contest because we’re giving away an iPod Touch that will run Tapulous’ apps very nicely.

A New Beginning at Tapulous

There’s no doubt about it that Tapulous makes great products. Their apps are beautifully designed, easy to use, and fun, but they’re not the most useful pieces of software. Twinkle is great for when I want to use Twitter on the go, but Tap Tap Revenge is never going to help me set up a business meeting, and I’m not going to use Fortune (their app, not the magazine) for business advice. The issue of usefulness has been a big one at Tapulous, and it actually resulted in four key employees’ leaving Tapulous. Tapulous’ CEO wants to produce simple apps that are fun to use and easy to produce; whereas, the employees who left wanted to focus on more complex apps with more real world function.

It should be a red flag that a startup as young as Tapulous has already gone through a major split like this, but it also presents an opportunity. Tapulous is already one of the leading iPhone app developers, and they’ve even recently worked out a deal with Nine Inch Nails for a licensed version of Tap Tap Revenge with NIN songs. Now that half of their development team has left, there are probably more job opportunities than the Cocoa Developer and Architect/Senior Engineer, Web Services positions that they posted back in August (if you don’t have programming skills, there still probably won’t be anything for you). If you still have high hopes for Tapulous, there’s no better time than now to jump in and join their team. You’ll want to take extra care to feel things out and make sure that the problems at Tapulous aren’t more than a difference of opinion on the direction of the company before you commit to a job, but it’s at least worth sending your cover letter and resume to

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