When it comes to jobs at Stetson, we can't find a sliver of information. It begs the question, do Stetson hats make themselves?

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Happy Labor Day! We’re certainly enjoying the holiday weekend, and we hope that you are too. It’s ok to take a break from your job search, but if you won’t allow yourself to take some time off, we’ve got some homework for you today. We’ll get to that in a second. Now, you probably know that it’s frowned upon to wear white after Labor Day, but did you know that cowboys and other lovers of Country/Western culture are expected to switch from straw hats to felt hats after Labor Day? Although fashion tenets such as no white after Labor Day seem to be fading away to some extent, we’ll bet that the cowboys still abide. Stetson is the company when it comes to cowboys hats; in fact, just as the Kleenex trademark is used to describe for all tissues, the Stetson brand name is often used to describe all cowboys hats.

Do Stetson Hats Make Themselves?

When it comes to jobs at Stetson, we can’t find a sliver of information. It begs the question, do Stetson hats make themselves? We believe that Stetson is located in St. Joseph, Missouri, but they also seem to have an address in Texas. Their website also says that they have a showroom in New York City, but we also found an article from 1992 that says that the showroom was shut down. Finally, we also found a lead that Stetson may have been purchased at some point by R.H.E., Inc., which is the manufacturer of the famous Resistol hat. We can’t find anything on their jobs either, but we hope that we’ve provided enough clues to get you intrigued and start searching. If you can find something on jobs with Stetson, please share with us in the comments. Remember, you can always cold call an employer and ask about working for them.

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Did you know to switch from straw hat to felt hat after Labor Day?

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