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Somark Innovations' site doesn't mention a Jobs page, but they do note on their Team page that they're "always looking for more team members."

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Security Engineer - Top Secret (TS) Clearance Required
Arlington, VA
Product Innovation Manager
McLean, VA
Certified Physical Therapist / PT - Reston, VA
Reston, VA
Pharmacy Technician - Clinical Support - Full Time - Chantilly
Chantilly, VA
Director of Technology and Innovation
Springfield, VA
Strategy and Innovation Consultant, Senior
Arlington, VA
RN Homecare Clinician PV
Washington, DC
Oncology Digital & Innovation Director
Gaithersburg, MD
Software Engineer Lead - Innovation
Herndon, VA
IT Business Analyst for Academic Innovation and New Ventures | Fairfax, VA
Fairfax, VA

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve run into this problem before. You’re sitting around the house, and your lab mice are frolicking around. One of them starts misbehaving and you need to scold it, but you can’t because you don’t know it’s name. They all look the same, and you are completely clueless as to who the troublemaker is. Ok, I actually don’t have mice in my house, and I hope that you don’t either, but if you’ve ever worked with lab mice you probably know that identifying them is kind of important.Somark Innovation is a San Diego, CA based company that makes that a lot easier. They’ve developed technology called Labstamp that “applies automated tail tattoos for mouse identification.” The tattoos are human readable, permanent, and available with 46,656 unique alpha-numeric IDs.

San Diego Ink

I know that a lot of people don’t love the idea of animal testing, but it’s essential to all kinds of scientific research. Somark Innovations provides technology that makes testing with mice more cost effective and less prone to mistakes. It may seem stupid, but proper identification of lab mice can be absolutely essential to the success of a given study. There’s a version of Labstamp on its way for lab rats, and I’m interested to see how else Somark Innovations uses their technology going forward. Some of the earlier press on Somark Innovations mentions “chipless RFID tattoos,” which sounds really cool, but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned on their site anymore. Somark Innovations also doesn’t mention a Jobs page, but they do note on their Team page that they’re “always looking for more team members, especially engineers” and “if you would like to learn more about joining the SOMARK team, please send a note to” They are currently looking for a Marketing intern, so it may not be just technical people that they’re looking for.

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Would you get a tattoo on your tail?

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3 responses to “Somark Innovations”

  1. Breanne says:

    This is very random, but I actually hired the Chief Science Officer (Ramos) about 6 years ago for an IT contract, and we all knew that he was going to famous one day. He is an incredible entrepreneur, absolutely brilliant, and equally friendly. Anyone would be lucky to work for him.

  2. jh says:

    When I went onto their website…their WOT scorecard was orange with it tying back to bad customer experiences and their trustworthiness. Just an interesting observation.

    • JH, I’ve never heard of a WOT scorecard, so I have no idea how reliable it is, but you have to think that Somark Innovations is susceptible to smear campaigns by people who have a stance against animal testing. I’m not saying that this has happened, but I’d be more skeptical of user generated content about Somark than about other companies with less controversial businesses.

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