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San Francisco Village is a San Francisco, CA based non-profit that aims to keep people who are aging in their homes and active in their community.

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I helped my grandparents move out of their house and into an assisted living center. They were in their 80s, and my grandmother was doing great, but my grandfather was suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia. She couldn’t take care of him on her own anymore, but she didn’t want to be separated. As a result, we found a place that gave her the freedom and homey feel that she wanted, but also gave her a ton of help caring for my grandfather. It was totally the right decision, but there’s always something sad about seeing people leave their homes for what will likely be the rest of their lives (it was for my grandparents). San Francisco Village is a San Francisco, CA based non-profit that aims to keep people who are aging in their homes. They believe that increasing “the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being of adults who choose to live in their own homes” will result in their members’ being able to “remain independent, active, and engaged in the San Francisco community.”

It Takes a Village

San Francisco Village is a member of The Village-to-Village Network, a larger non-profit that is doing the same kind of work all across the country (I would have posted about them instead if they had jobs posted). The big idea is that members of San Francisco Village help each other out and pool resources to make it easier to stay at home as they age. Sometimes the services offered are as simple as walking a dog for your neighbor or bringing together the community for a panel discussion, but San Francisco Village can also help members find a home healthcare provide (and even get the member a reduced rate). SF Village already has “225 members and 60 non-member volunteers,” but their goal is to get to 400 members by late 2014. To grow like that, they need help. And that’s why they have a Membership Coordinator position posted on their Jobs page. It’s only part-time right now, but it looks like a great way to get started with an organization that is growing rapidly and making a huge difference in people’s lives.

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