PBwiki, based in San Mateo, CA, is a company that is trying to bring the power of wikis to the masses.

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Amazon Delivery Driver - Immediately Hiring!
Fairfax, VA
Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Brunswick, MD
Delivery Person - Immediately Hiring!
Hamilton, VA
Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Jefferson, MD
Vehicle Condition Assesor
Gaithersburg, MD
Warehouse Loader - Earn over $18/hr
Arlington, VA
Vehicle Condition Assessor
Rockville, MD
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Security Officer Full Time
Ashburn, VA
Dishwasher (Spanish)
Ashburn, VA

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When I was in college, I barely even knew what Wikipedia was. It wasn’t that I was ignorant, it was that Wikipedia was a shadow of what it is now. Even though it hasn’t been very long since I graduated, wikis have blown up since I got my diploma (if you still don’t know what a wiki is, this will help). The word “blog” may be more mainstream – you hear it daily on CNN, ESPN, and CNBC, but wikis have surpassed blogs in popularity according to Google Trends. To many of you, a wiki is just a place to find information when you’re doing research or trying to answer a trivia question; however, wikis are capable of much more. They’re an extremely powerful tool for organizing information, and PBwiki is a company that is trying to bring the power of wikis to the masses.

As Easy as a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Whether you run a company that needs to offer customer support documentation online, or you’re organizing a family reunion, a PBwiki offers the ability to do so with little technical know-how. PBwikis are as easy to set up as making a peanut butter sandwich (and we don’t mean the peanut butter sandwiches that your science teacher makes to teach you the scientific method). They have great features and clean interfaces. There are a lot of competitors out there, but none can boast that they serve up wikis for a third of the Fortune 500. We’ve never set up or participated in a PBwiki; however, the PBwikis that we’ve looked at appear to be far superior to the wikis that we have used on other platforms.

They’ll Supply Peanut Butter Sandwiches Too!

Ramit Sethi is a VP of Marketing at PBwiki and a co-author of Recruit or Die, which was an inspirational force during the early stages of One Day, One Job’s formation. When we found his blog about personal finance advice, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, we subscribed immediately. This has kept us updated with occasional developments at PBwiki, which includes an excellent post about the details of what it’s like working at PBwiki and listings of new job openings. Let’s talk about the fun stuff first.

The highlights of working at PBwiki include: located in San Mateo, CA; relocation assistance provided; cool caricatures of team members; paintball trips; free espresso, snacks, and food (this better include peanut butter sandwiches); gym membership; hot sauce eating competions; and Friday massages.


We really like the way PBwiki does online employment branding. They may not be doing a ton of hiring, but they’re presenting themselves in a way that shows that they value talent and want to find people who fit in with their culture. Instead of rewording what they say on their Jobs page, we’re just going to quote them.

We value intelligence over workplace experience, and clever independent projects over GPA. We’d much rather talk to someone who started a non-profit in college or led a group of a Presidential campaign interns than someone who got a 1600 on their SATs and a 4.0 in college but never ventured off the beaten path. Tell us that crazy thing that kept you up all weekend.

As of now PBwiki has only one job opening that might be right for a new college grad. They’re looking for a Web Engineer with excellent XHTML, Javascript/AJAX, CSS, and/or PHP abilities. If you’re interested:

Send us your resume today! Please use your cover letter to either provide a URL to a web app you’ve built ground-up, or describe a project of yours that would impress us. To apply to this position, send your resume to jobs404@pbwiki.com. Be sure to replace the “404” with the correct HTTP status code for “OK”.

PBwiki is also open to applications for unlisted jobs. If you think that you’d make a tremendous addition to their team, but don’t see the right position listed, you can tell them why you’d be a great fit at jobs@pbwiki.com.

By the way, there’s a referral bonus that’s up for grabs, so be sure to tell PBwiki who told you about their jobs.

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  1. Kristine says:

    Hey Willy,

    Thanks for the shout out! PBwiki is a fantastic place to work – we don’t just have a great staff, our users are pretty kick ass as well.


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