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There’s something special about non-profits that start on college campuses. Nourish International is one, and they're hiring.

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There’s something special about non-profits that start on college campuses. They’re born with a sense of scrappiness and youthful idealism. It’s just the combination that can make amazing things happen. Nourish International in Chapel Hill, NC is a perfect example of this. It all started with a UNC student named Sindhura Citineni. She started a student group called “Hunger Lunch.” They’d sell “rice, beans and cornbread in the Pit for $3 and use the profits to fund Nourish’s first project: a nutrition project in Hyderabad, India.” Since then the mission has continued to be “to eradicate poverty by engaging students and empowering communities,” but they’ve certainly expanded their reach. Students raise money on campus throughout the year, and then they travel abroad in the summer to fund and conduct community development projects.

Nourishing Opportunities

Starting in 2007 Nourish International started thinking about expanding to more campuses, and they launched chapters at North Carolina State and Michigan. In 2008 they got serious about expansion and launched its Chapter Founders Program. They accepted applications from students interested in founding their own chapters, and then accepted students from 19 universities. This model allows Nourish International to stay lean while rapidly growing their ability to do meaningful work. You can get a full overview of how Nourish International works here, and you can take a closer look at their projects here. Nourish International appears to post all of their opportunities on Idealist. Right now they’re looking for Chapter Founders across the country, and they also have a one-year Fellowship Program based in their home office. It looks like a great organization to be involved with, so take a closer look.

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