Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is working tirelessly to cure Parkinson's, and right now they're hiring new grads to help.

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Data Scientist I/II (Member Relationship Value)
Merrifield, VA
Commercial Research Analyst
Ashburn, VA
Research Study Assistant
Fairfax, VA
Data Scientist I (Model Risk Management)
Merrifield, VA
Associate Program Officer, Research Affairs
Bethesda, MD
Research Associate Professor
Fairfax, VA
Research Associate II (Quantitative)
Rockville, MD
Engagement Specialist
Silver Spring, MD
Associate Director, Research Operations
Arlington, VA
Chantilly, VA

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Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

There are countless celebrities who support charitable causes. There are many who throw their full support behind a single organization; however, few celebs are as personally invested in their charitable work as Michael J. Fox is. Why is he so invested? Because his life is on the line. He is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, “a degenerative disease of the brain that often impairs motor skills, speech, and other functions.” If you’ve seen Michael J. Fox on tv lately, you’ve seen what Parkinson’s does to the human body. It’s a tragic disease that will hopefully be cured due to the work of the New York City based Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. As an accomplished actor and someone who is living with Parkinson’s, Michael J. Fox is the perfect person to lead the fight against the disease.

Outfox Parkinson’s

The MJFF’s mission is pretty simple; they are “dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease within the decade through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today.” The Fox Foundation has already funded $142 million in Parkinson’s research, but they’re clearly not satisfied stopping there. To accomplish that, they need a top notch staff, so it’s no big surprise that they’re hiring. If you head over to the MJFF’s Jobs page you’ll see 5 open positions. 3 of them require significant previous work experience, but the other 2 seem well suited to new college grads—Grant Administrator – Research Programs and Development Assistant. You can apply by sending a cover letter and resume to foxjob@michaeljfox.org.

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Lyft Driver
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Restaurant Depot Chantilly, VA
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Associate, Code Review & Security Assessment - Remote
KPMG Ashburn, VA
Senior Control Tools Developer
Mathworks Leesburg, VA

2 responses to “Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research”

  1. Merridi Haskell says:

    I am reading Michael’s book, “Always Looking Up”. I like the beginning connection with Lance Armstrong especially as we are watching the “Tour…” and preparing to ride Iowa’s “Ragbrai”. We always wear the Livestrong band and T-shirts, especially during our Ragbrai ride.

    My father had Parkinson’s and I thought I’d buy something from Michael’s Foundation to wear on Ragbrai and also support the foundation, however, I can’t find where to go to shop. Can you direct me?



  2. Wendy Schetter says:

    Parkinson’s Disease has hit close to home for me. My sister and best friend, Debbie was recently diagnosed with PD. Debbie has always been extremely active with biking, hiking, swimming, yoga and so forth. With the onset of PD, she is still very active however, she has had to modify her routines. She has a great attitude with the hope and inspiration the M J FOX Foundation has given her. To that, I am very thankful.
    After researching the Michael J. Fox Foundation website, I found out that there are job opportunities and volunteer work available. When clicking on the “view job description” link, it does not state where the job is located. Is there a way I could find out some further information pertaining to these job opportunities?
    After viewing some information, it seemed that most of the work is directed in the Northeast part of the country. I live in Rocklin, California, near Sacramento. I would be very interested to learn more about any job opportunities in this part of the country, if there are any available.
    Thank you for all the incredible work you do!

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