Lund and Company is a toy design studio located in the Chicago, IL area, and they’re at least open to getting cold called by recent college graduates.

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The other day, we came across an article about a toy design studio that has come up with technology to create variable-speed bullets. They’re called Lund and Company Invention, but they eerily remind us of Zevo Toys from the movie TOYS with Robin Williams and LL Cool J. Ok, they haven’t been taken over by a military general who is using child labor to fight wars through video games, but Lund and Company did create a toy rocket that is so technologically advanced that it has the Army drooling. We have no idea what kind of jobs Lund and Company offers, nor do we know if they ever hire recent graduates, but it’s Friday, and we like giving you research projects on Fridays.

Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!

Many a child has made that exclamation, whether playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, although that was back when a finger to point at someone was the only toy that you needed. Lund and Company has taken children way past that with a toy rocket that is “powered by burning hydrogen obtained by electrolysing water.” Despite the fact that this technology is now being weaponized (to make guns less, not more, lethal, we should add), Lund and Company Invention is a toy company at heart. Their portfolio is full of fun things like Color Etch-A-Sketch, Luminator Sports Equipment, and Baby Alive Sip-n-Slurp. If you always dreamed of a job like Josh (Tom Hanks) had in BIG, then Lund and Company Invention would be the place to work.

Are the Jobs Top Secret Too?

Lund and Company has a section of their website that is top secret and requires a login and password to enter. Information about jobs with seems to be almost as well guarded. Their Contact page does say that they invite prospective new hires to contact them, but that’s it. We tried to do some more research on Lund and Company, but we couldn’t come up with much. One site says that they have 5 employees, while another says that they have between 250 and 1,000 employees. We did a LinkedIn search for the company name, and only found the company’s owner, Bruce Lund, listed (use that information wisely). By the way, Bruce went to Duke, and here’s an article on him from their Alumni Magazine. We’re not sure what to make of it all, but we do know that they’ve been growing for almost 25 years and they just expanded into a bigger office (photos of the move here).

Researching Lund and Company can be somewhat confusing, so you might just want to bite the bullet and contact them. You can send a general inquiry first, or you could just send them a resume with an amazing cover letter on why you want to join a company with the world’s funnest client list (don’t really use the word funnest). Lund and Company is located in the Chicago, IL area, and they’re at least open to getting cold called. We have no idea what kind of jobs they might offer, but you can probably make some guesses. We’re sorry that we don’t have specific details on jobs, but Lund and Company is way too cool of a company not to tell you about.

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What toy from Lund and Company’s portfolio do you like the most?

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2 responses to “Lund and Company Invention”

  1. tickleme says:

    Ok, post this if you want. I worked for this company when they started working on some of this military technology, and it is true, but the sad part is because the owner, was not capable of any original toy designs/concepts, so he took his robotics and mechanical prowess to bigger, more profitable venues, aka, military. That is what you find in the top secret section of the site, and no, you will not find out much about this place, but when I was last there, there were 5-7 people. It fluctuated often, because it was a terrible place to work at, and only a few die hards have remained, possibly more out of fear, than loyalty. It is a place of appearances, and at first, it does seem like a dream come true, but in a very short period of time, the novelty wears off, and you realize that you are helping make a very money hungry person a lot more money. Oh, and if you want a little more info on mr. lund, please take a look at [link edited: went to some spammy dating site], and look up Tickle Me Tigger(I kid you not).
    Hope this helps the cause, whatever that is.

  2. Just a point of interest- if you follow the link “contact Lund and Company invention” it takes you to the Lund company’s website (no surprise) Lund and which provides a contact address of:
    344 Lathrop Avenue
    River Forest
    If you go to Google Earth and investigate the building and the surrounding area from above and street level, it would appear to confirm the small business size speculation, (amongst other things to speculate on). Given Google’s margin of error, the place is either run out of a residential home, a family dental center (as per the sign on the front lawn) or another residential home that is for rent or lease (also as per the sign in the front yard). The other buildings on the even numbered address side of the street quickly go into the 330’s, 350’s, and 360’s. Just a fun caveat to take note of.

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