Logo is a Washington, DC based company that is trying to make the process of ID verification (military or otherwise) seamless.

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Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all of our readers who have served in our armed forces. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems that the holiday is getting way more attention this year than in past years. I’ve seen way more tv commercials mentioning Veterans Day, and it seems that a ton of retailers are offering special deals. There are free haircuts, free car washes, and all kinds of free meals available today for those who have served. The only awkward part about all of this is verifying one’s veteran status. Nobody wants to have to ask, but how else do you stop freeloaders from taking advantage of deals just for vets? Military IDs are only for active service members, and any other form of proof might be a bit cumbersome. is a Washington, DC based company that is trying to make the process of ID verification seamless. They started out as Troop ID (and before that they were TroopSwap, a daily deals site for military) and only focused on verifying veteran/military status, but they realized that verifying any kind of group association would give them access to a much bigger market.

Can I See Some ID?

Not surprisingly, was started by two Army Rangers (one of whom my wife worked with in a previous job). They’ve raised a decent amount of venture capital, and they’ve also received grants from the Federal government. You can learn how the verification system works by reading’s FAQ, and you can see the brands that are already offering discounts through here. It’s still early stage, but I think it’s really exciting to take a look at a veteran-focused startup. doesn’t have a Careers page or anything, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to see if there are any opportunities. They have to spend that grant money somewhere.

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