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Hudl is a Lincoln, NE based company that has developed a platform to “help coaches and athletes win with video.”

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Today is Opening Day of the NFL season! I’m probably less excited about that than the average American male (I’m a baseball guy), but it’s still a really big deal. Sports generate tons of economic activity. I know people who go to ridiculous lengths to get an edge for their fantasy teams, so you can just imagine how far actual teams and players will go (cough… PEDs). Some of the biggest advancements outside of biotechnology have come on the video side. Hudl is a Lincoln, NE based company behind many of those innovations. As they put it, they “help coaches and athletes win with video.” The technology must be working because Hudl just landed at #149 on the Inc. 5000 with 2,535% three-year growth to $14.1 million in revenue.

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I remember watching video of my basketball games in high school. The whole team was huddled around a tiny tv watching a grainy recording, and our coach was berating us for all of the stupid stuff that we did. Believe it or not, this is how pro teams were doing it not too long ago. Today any team can have access to high quality video analytics–Hudl’s clients range from Little League coaches to NFL teams and players. I think that speaks to the simplicity of their platform, which was built with coaches who have barely ever touched a computer in mind. The level of detail that you get into with Hudl is pretty ridiculous–a coach can grade every play that a player makes and a player can put together a highlight reel. Hudl does a pretty nice job of showing off their product on their home page, and they offer free trials so that anyone can experience the power of the platform. If you’d like to join the Hudl, visit the company’s Jobs page. Right now they’re hiring a Software Project Manager and a Software Quality Assurance Analyst.

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